When It Comes to Clothing Labels, Custom Options Get Noticed

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Clothing labels certainly aren’t the most noticeable parts of garments by themselves. But, if you’re thinking about clothing labels, custom options are smart choices because they can offer surprising benefits to both your company and customers.

Feature the Flag of the Brand’s Company of Origin

Maybe your clothing gets designed in Ireland and you want to highlight that fact with a tiny green, white and orange flag. Or perhaps your apparel has always been made in the United States and you want to include the vibrant stars and stripes along with a phrase like “Proudly made in the United States of America.” Some people are committed to purchasing items produced or at least designed in certain countries. You can appeal to those people by being as transparent as possible about how your products came to be.

Include a Ribbon Associated With a Certain Cause

Maybe you have decided that ten percent of all your profits from clothing sold will go to support breast cancer research or people who are in the military and fighting for their countries. Those causes and many others all have support ribbons associated with them, and certain colors indicate different things. You could include such a ribbon on the back or front of a custom clothing label to clearly show that you care about something important and your company is doing something specific to join in the fight for the greater good. You may even find that particular demographic groups are especially likely to purchase from you as opposed to buying from other clothing brands, especially if some causes are close to their hearts for personal reasons.

Incorporate a Slogan

If your brand has worked hard to come up with and promote a slogan, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s also a part of the clothing labels custom. Perhaps the slogan connects with your company’s ideals or a factor that sets it apart from competing brands. Whatever the case may be, a slogan can help your label really stand out, especially if you even go a step further and get the text printed in a cool font, color scheme or both.

Print Your Company’s Website or Contact Information on the Label

The Internet is often the first point of contact a person might have with your brand, provided they type your website into a browser bar or a search engine. However, even when doing that, there is a chance they might type something wrong. If your clothing label has the website as part of its design, that decreases the likelihood of them getting off on the wrong track and going to a different site unintentionally. A phone number is also a good piece of information to include on the label, particularly if your company has a dedicated team of customer service workers.

These are several of the factors that might convince you it’s worthwhile to order custom labels. In the end, the decision may really pay off.