Which Color is Ideal for your Clothing Brand

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Every company has a unique color that represents the brand identity. Research says, about 85% of customers refer to the color as the primary reason to buy a particular product. Are you thinking of launching a clothing line but can’t decide the ideal color for your brand? We’ve got you covered with the unique attributes of many colors and what effect it can have on the psyche of your target customers. Read on.   


When you ask anybody what their favorite color is, most of them will answer ‘Blue’. This is probably the most common favorite color and is, therefore, preferred by many big brands to connect easily with a larger spectrum of audience. Blue is likened with ‘coolness’ and ‘serenity’ and is acknowledged to boost a sense of security and trust. As this is a very commonly used brand color, you can play with the different shades of blue or mix it with colors like green, white, black, etc. Some of the compelling shades of blue are Azure, denim, duke, Egyptian, Persian, Zaffre, Yale, sapphire, royal, etc.


The color of passion, power, and love is another common favorite used since ages by a lot of big clothing brands like H & M, Levi’s, Helly Hansen, Uniqlo, etc. It has a striking quality of attracting the customers instantly. The color will look great if combined with white, black, yellow, and green. You can also try out a different shade of red like Rose, cherry, scarlet, crimson, candy, blush, etc.

Black & White     

From Victoria’s Secret to Calvin Klein, from Bvlgari to Gucci, all of the biggies vouch for this compelling combination. Given to its popularity, it is needless to say that black and white is often associated with subtlety, class, and luxury. From your website to your logo, Black and White can be an ideal choice if your clothing brand is meant for the selected few.


This earthy color can be a good option to connect with the mass and not the class. The hue emanates a relaxing effect and can be combined with many colors like yellow, blue, red, etc. This can also be used for products that are labeled as ‘Eco-friendly’ to accentuate the motive of the brand.    


This color represents youth, optimism, and warmth and can be a beautiful contrast to other colors like red, blue, black, white, etc. Often used for kid’s brands, this color can also play well with the psyche of the teenage audience.  


Although not many brands prefer this color, orange may help your brand stand out of the crowd if you’re looking to try something different. It can also create an impact if teamed with other colors like green or blue.


The color and its many shades like fuscia, rose, punch, magenta, strawberry, etc. can be an ideal choice for a feminine clothing line.


Although this color is often associated with spirituality, it can also be an excellent choice for clothing brands, especially for ladies innerwear, kids wear, or clothes meant for the youth.  

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