Why Your Brand Needs Care and Content Labels

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When a customer is about to buy a product, most of them search for information on how to take care of the products. Many opt out of buying the product if they don’t find the guidelines. This is where care labels come into the picture. Care and content labels play a big role in influencing the purchasing decision of the consumers. It is also necessary to educate the customer on how to make the product more durable.

Different types of care labels

Woven care labels: This type of label has the care information woven in high quality thread in a loom. This assures durability even after frequent washes.
Printed labels: Printed care labels are more affordable and are always high in demand. Printed care labels use high quality ink and are usually available in matte, semi-glossy, and glossy finish.
Satin care labels: Satin care labels are polyester based and can be woven or printed. These care labels can be ideally used for any items that are susceptible to harsh conditions.
Adhesive care labels: Also known as pressure sensitive labels, adhesive care labels might not be recommended for garment labels but can be an excellent choice for items like furniture, Industrial products, Bottles, Glassware, Medical Products, Promotional items, and others.

Different types of Care label symbols

Washing instruction: Some brands use symbols to represent washing instruction of garment products while some brands depict step by step instruction. Symbols are used to illustrate if the product should be machine washed, normal washed, hand washed or ‘Do not wash’.
Drying instruction: Drying instruction is also necessary for the durability of the product. Generally, an enclosed circle is used to depict different types of drying instructions. ‘Tumble dry normal’, ‘tumble dry gentle’, ‘tumble dry with permanent press’, etc are some of the common drying instructions.
Bleaching instruction: Bleaching instruction can be deciphered with the help of a triangular symbol. So if a triangle has a cross (X sign), it means the product should not be used for bleaching. Other instructions include ‘Bleach when needed’, and ‘Non chlorine bleach when needed’.
Ironing instruction: A miniature iron symbol is used to depict different forms of ironing guidance. ‘Steam or Dry iron’, ‘Do not steam’, ‘Do not iron’ are general ironing instructions.
Dry cleaning: A simple circle mean ‘Dry Clean’; a circle with A means ‘Dry-clean any solvent’; a circle with F means ‘Dry clean Petroleum solvent only’; a circle with P means ‘Dry clean any solvent except Trichloroethylene’; a circle with a big X on it means ‘Do not Dry-clean’.
Temperature indicators: A single black dot means ‘Cold/low heat’; Double black dot means ‘Warm/medium heat’; Triple black dot means ‘Hot/high heat’.

Care labels also mention the material/materials used in the product, percentage of materials, country of origin, etc.

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