Woven Labels: Features and Uses

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Author: Maggie Smith
Posted on: October 26, 2016

Nowadays, the urge to be at the top has become prominent for all the companies in the industry. And labeling is one of the unique and signature ways to establish an identity in the market. Now, labeling has become indispensable to a brand’s presence and also makes a place for the company to stand out in the competition. We all know that there are many brands in the market but, how do they differ from each other? Well, labeling forms the basis which helps a brand to get recognition in the industry. A label is a piece of cloth that contains the brand name, the size of the attire, the manufacturing place and other important information. So, it is indeed a significant factor for the companies in the industry.

And now, the labeling has become so essential for any company irrespective of its potential that from the international to national and local brands have their labels. So, needless to say, that labeling is vital for a brand’s name and also helps one to stand at par with the other competitors in the industry. Now, there are different types of labels ranging from printed, embroidered to woven labels and much more. Out of which woven label is the most popular one for its unique features and usage. So, to know about its uniqueness, keep reading below:

  • Longevity – This is one of the most important factors that steal the show for all the labels. Now, when you’re looking for labeling, you’ll, of course, look for something that will stay for long as that will be the signature of your company. And woven label is the one that can withstand harsh handling. And this is only possible because it’s knitted on a piece of cloth and not printed or embroidered that it will wither or get spoiled with time. So, if you’re looking for something that will last for many days, then opt for the woven label.
  • Texture – Now, this is the second most vital factor for the labels. The texture used for labeling of your brand should be considered first. This is because if the texture is not of a good quality, it will soon be damaged due to daily handling, washing and rough usage. And the woven label is generally of a supreme quality that stays attached to a piece of attire for a longer period. So, in a word, you can say that the longevity depends on the texture of the label.
  • Personal touch – And last but not the least, a woven label is the perfect way to add a personal touch to the items. The woven label generally consists of the general information along with other messages if you’re interested in giving a personal flavor to the item. So, the woven label is the perfect choice for all the other information.

If you read the above-mentioned features and uses, you’ll be able to gauge the versatility of woven labels out of the many. So, what is your choice?