Woven Labels For Children’s School Uniform

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What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of children’s school uniform? The cost? There are so many essentials they need it can rack up quite a bill. The stains they incur? During play times and everyday lessons things can always get messy! Whatever it is, we all know that children’s clothing that is worn daily needs to be hard wearing and able to withstand a lot of washing.

The uniform itself need to be hard wearing, and so do the labels that are displaying the school motif to ensure everyone looks smart throughout the school year. A common mistake that many make when manufacturing school uniforms is to try to cut down on cost. If they can do that, then parents get less of a hefty bill for school uniform, but these clothes are worn every day and undergo all sorts of mishaps during the school day and break times. Cutting costs by adding cheaper labels to a school uniform isn’t an option if you don’t want worn out, faded clothing within a short while into the school year.

Woven labels are made using pre-dyed threads that are woven on a loom. They are very hard wearing and, although they are more expensive than printed labels, they remain to look vibrant for a lot longer. Labels come in a huge range of colors, finishes, and qualities. There are three types of woven labels to choose from:

  1. The first and most common choice is damask. They are a high-end choice and look vibrant and professional. If your school logo has finer text or a detailed image, this option will really enhance the finer details. Damask labels also have added durability because they are woven slower than other option to ensure the clarity of detail is up to scratch.
  2. Satin labels offer an upmarket feel as they are silky soft and look fantastic. They are usually slightly lower in price than damask labels and could be the perfect choice for children’s school uniform as they are soft to touch on delicate skin. This option doesn’t give as much attention to detail.
  3. Taffeta woven labels are again popular as they are the lowest cost out of the three. They don’t offer the same appearance as the other two choices, but are very durable and functional. Apart from the advantage of the low cost this type would not be recommended for children’s schoolwear unless they are being used on a garment that is not in direct contact with the skin.

School uniform is important for many reasons. They unify students and make them equal, reduce peer pressure, keep the focus on education and not fashion, and help reduce costs for parents having to buy the latest trends to be worn daily.

Focus should be  on reducing the need for replacement uniforms when they begin to look tired, so parents don’t have to fork out extra expenses. For clothing that is worn and washed so regularly, it is a must to have quality labels to ensure you get value for money.