Woven Vs Printed T-shirt Label

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The labels you choose for your T-shirts require as much attention to detail as choosing the t-shirt itself. The label tends to draw the eye towards it on a t-shirt and you shouldn’t settle for second best. You want to draw attention to your label for the right reasons, not because they don’t look high-quality. You must pay attention to detail in your design and your choice of label.

If you are incorporating a business logo or have a design you want to incorporate in your fashion items, you need to choose the type of label you require for the most effective results. There are many variations of a t-shirt label with very different benefits to each option. It depends on your priority list when choosing your labels. Here are the different options along with the main advantages and disadvantages each choice.

Woven Labels


  • High-quality thread for a professional finish.
  • They look attractive and bespoke.
  • They do not fade.


  • Less cost effective than printed labels.
  • Although a great amount of detail can be incorporated, the detail would be less than that of a printed label.

A t-shirt label that will be worn regularly would need to be durable and withstand wash after wash without fading. With woven labels you are guaranteed the quality, but do pay a higher price for what you get.

Printed Labels


  • Flexible and thin making them easy to sew into your garment.
  • A lot of detail can be added as the detail is printed in ink.
  • Very cost effective.


  • The do fade through washing, and wear and tear.
  • The quality isn’t as high as woven labels.

Printed labels won’t last as long through regular washes, the color will fade and they will fade and look untidy. For one-off or occasional wear they are fantastic to keep cost down and won’t be required to be as durable.

Both options are perfect for branding or fashion items and your choice should be dependent on what you require from the finished product. Will the t-shirt be worn occasionally, or for a one-off event? Will it be worn regularly and required to withstand a lot of washes, and wear and tear? If you need your t-shirt label to look great wash after wash and not lose vibrancy, then woven labels would definitely be your best choice. They don’t fade and are hard wearing, perfect for regular wear such as uniforms. This could be for work, nurseries or any kind of club where you want the attendees to feel like a team.

Once you have decided what you want your label to display, you must research the options carefully and compare them to requirements of your design and t-shirt usage. A lot of the time, a simple shaped label that has a small amount of detail or text can have the most impact. Don’t over complicate the design, focus more on the quality and ask for guidance if you need recommendations.