Your Business Needs Different Types of Labels

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Posted on: Oct 15, 2015

Fashion business is extremely glamorous from the outside but it requires collective team effort from everyone part of the business. It might look all glam, but there is a lot of toil and hard work that goes into making things look so glossy. Not just clothes, but professionals’ part of this industry need to keep in mind several other important aspects. These aspects are basically the logistics that go into making clothes look perfect. The cut, the size, the color, the fit and the look are factors that go into making clothes look like a million bucks. But there are several factors involved in making clothes a packaged deal so that it sells. Having appropriate labels for clothes is an important factor that makes them a packaged deal easy to sell.

So let us take a close look at diverse range of labels that a fashion brand must have those will blend with the labels perfectly.

Shipping Labels – Online shopping is creating a lot of buzz and this time it is for all the right reasons. Online shopping requires a lot of international and national shipping. When it comes to shipping products, you need to take care of packaging the clothes products well. The right packaging includes appropriate and specially designed labels those are responsible to protect products from damage.

Glossy Labels – Glossy labels are a treat for your eyes and almost all popular fashion houses have their set of glossy labels. This label type blends perfectly well with your glamorous clothes and grabs attention. But this label type is restricted just for glam clothes.

Colored Labels – Having high quality colored labels is quite tricky because colors play a big role in it. The colors need to be of good quality and long lasting. Long lasting implies that the glow of colors should remain intact even after several washes.

Water Resistant Labels – This is yet again a label type that all fashion houses must have in store. Water resistant labels are the most common label type that most clothes have. Washing clothes is mandatory but the labels should remain intact even after washing. So labels should be water resistant so that it remains the same even after a couple of washes. The need for water resistant labels is a must and that is the major reason for designers to opt for high quality woven labels. The quality does not get tampered even after washing them.

Labels are not noticed much when people visit clothes stores, but they play an important role of giving clothes its identification. So make sure as a fashion business, you give your due importance and attention to labels because they play a significant role in your business.