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Add Value to Your Products With Clothing Hang Tags

Custom hang tags give you a strong opportunity to add value to your products and increase brand recognition. Hang tags are a cardboard type label that you add to your garments usually using a safety pin. You choose the shape of the cut and the design that goes on them.
Clothing hang tags are fully customizable. Choose the thickness you require and from a gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finish. They will have a hole punched ready to add string or a pin to attach to the garment.
Add value to your products by using your hang tag as an advertisement. Add your logo, brand, and color scheme to create an eye-catching finished product that lets the customer know who you are. They offer a simple way of helping your customers to easily recognize your clothing line when they go shopping, so make sure you hang tag stands out.
Your brand standing out is a must when shoppers look through clothes. If they recognize your tag and it stands out as familiar, then they are more likely to purchase it. If you have already made the effort to create a trusted brand, then show it off professionally and catch the eye of shoppers.
Use your clothing hang tags to your advantage; it’s the first thing people look at when they are drawn to your product. What it says about you matters and it can be a great marketing opportunity. It needs to look great and be made using high quality, durable materials. You don’t want the tag to rip before they have even bought the garment, this will look messy and unprofessional.
Be clever in the design of your clothing hang tags. Make sure the color scheme and shape compliment the garment it’s attached to. For example, a hang tag on a dress could be in the shape of a dress; quirky ideas stand out.
Be tactical in the information you add. When adding your website you can also add promotional information on there for an increased chance of a future purchase, and to guide them towards checking out what else you have for sale.
Last but not least, clearly add the sizing and price. Customers can’t stand to fumble around with various clothing items trying to see the cost and size. Display this information in a clear color and font that is easy to find.
When creating your hang tag, think of it is a business card attached to the garment. It must be professional, but eye-catching. Don’t forget the hang tag goes home with your customer, so this is a great way to interact with them. Why not add your social media information, or website on to the tag too – if they love your products they will now know exactly where to find more.
Don’t just think of it as a throwaway addition to the garment. If someone has taken the time to buy your clothing they are more than likely interested in what else you have. Your hang tag should compliment your garment while increasing brand recognition and giving your customers essential information. Take the opportunity to guide your customers to your website and make the most of your tag.

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Brand Clothing Labels For Your Work wear

Giving your employees branded clothing for work wear will immediately create a professional business image. Uniforms that display your business logo, brand, and color scheme not only look great, but have a lot of benefits and solutions in the workplace. If you’re looking at adding your brand to your work wear, here is everything you need to know.
Giving your employees a uniform to wear has many purposes. The same clothing will unite your team and help them to maintain a professional image while wearing the uniform.

Without a uniform the dress code can always become somewhat of a pain. Everyone has a different idea of formal and informal dress making it hard decision of what to wear every day for employees whilst trying to adhere to the companies suitable dress code. Branded clothing labels for work wear allow your employees to know exactly what to wear everyday and avoid the risk of employees wearing inappropriate clothing or something too casual. It’s great for the team, as they don’t have to figure out what to wear every day and don’t have to foot the bill for new clothing that is appropriate for work.

Wearing a uniform looks so much more professional in the eyes of a customer as opposed to employees wearing mismatched own clothing. If a customer needs a hand with something, it’s really inappropriate to leave them guessing who is a fellow customer and who works in the business. A uniform allows customers to easily identify who works in the business and approach them with ease. A uniform is an identification tool and also builds trust with your customers that your team are there to carry out the job at hand.

Brand clothing labels help you to build on your company brand and image. Giving your employees a unique identity will show your customers you’re not just an amateur; you are a well-established business that is organised, well-presented, and professional. Branded clothing is about expressing the unique identity of your business and ensuring employees stand out as the face of the business. Having your brand easily visible on your employees clothing will encourage customers to easily recognize your brand in the future.

Offering your employees a uniform doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. Adding brand clothing labels to suitable clothing is sufficient enough for you to benefit from the cost. A brand label is usually a small piece of fabric to represents your business using a logo or business name. Use the logo to represent your business and ensure you are easily identifiable by adding your unique identity and design.

Woven labels are the most popular choice for branded clothing solutions. The method and thread used allows fine detail to be clearly displayed. Woven labels are durable and cost effective as they will withstand the regular washing that a uniform requires. For work wear, you must choose a durable and high quality label to portray the professional image that you’re looking for as choosing something low quality won’t represent your business in the way that you wish. Add your brand and create an interesting label that is easily recognizable to represent your business.

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Design Your Own Custom Woven Labels In 10 Simple Steps

If you’re looking to create a custom clothing label, then woven labels are the perfect solution. Woven labels are hard wearing and their vibrant colors withstand wash after wash. You can use the labels to add a special touch that increases brand recognition and displays important information to your garments. A personal touch makes all the difference and can be added easily with the right label.

Why would you use custom woven labels? They are a fantastic way of personalizing a garment or accessories, and they make garments look so much more professional. The small finishing touches really do mean a lot and can add a professional, but personal stamp onto your garments.

With great design options that are simple to use, you can fully customize your label in just a few simple steps.
1. Begin by selecting the type of cut or fold you require. You can select from a woven label that is straight cut with no fold, or select an end/middle/left/right or Manhattan fold with examples shown in diagrams to guide you.
2. The next step towards creating your custom label is to select a suitable size. Remember, you must create it big enough to display the information you require clearly, but the size must also be suitable for the garment that it will be attached to.
3. Add your text and easily select the font size and alignment you require on the finished product.
4. Personalize the writing style by selecting the font that matches your design.
5. Select your background color that represents your brand, or that you have used in your design. Select from 23 different colors or you submit a pantone color code for a more accurate match to your requirements.
6. Select your text color; the same applies as above as you can choose from the standard options or use the pantone codes. Consider how well the font color will stand out against the background color when you make your selection.
7. Add extra detail by adding a symbol. There’s a huge range of categories to choose from.
8. Choose from taffeta, satin, or damask for your custom woven labels. Make your decision considering points such as how vibrant you need the label to be.
9. If you have opted for straight cut labels you can choose between iron on, or adhesive labels. These aren’t suitable for washed items and are more for accessories.
10. Last of all, select your required quantity. You can request a free sample if required to make sure you’re happy with the finished product before you order.

Personalization has never been so easy and adds a professional finishing touch to your garments. High-quality clothing labels in a range of cuts and folds are available with huge range of colors. Fully customize your labels to match your brands font and color scheme. Purchase only a small quantity of woven labels if you require, or buy in bulk. A free sample is available to give you a true image of the finished product, so you can’t go wrong.

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The Top Uses Of Printed Fabric Labels

Labels are used on all types of clothing, such as dresses, t-shirts, cardigans, trousers, and also bags and accessories. They aren’t ‘just a label’ as they serve a purpose on all garments. When thinking of adding labels to your clothing line, you need to make the most of your label by considering what their purpose is for you.
The labels are made using printed satin; this gives them a soft luxury feel that is still durable. Satin is soft to touch so is great for clothing as it’s soft on the skin. Your design will be displayed in a variety of vibrant colors that look fantastic! Alongside looking great, these labels have a variety of uses:
● Use your label to display important care instructions, such as dry clean only, or the washing temperature of the garment.
● For clothing a size label is a necessity, but you can add the size and your brand onto this label for a personal touch to your garment.
● If the sole purpose of the label is to add your brand, then add your website on their as well, or tagline if you have one.
● Depending on the cut of the label you can really make use of the opportunity to add information such as care instructions, your brand, and size. They should all be added, but don’t overcrowd the label too much.

To achieve the best results when creating your label only add necessary information. Fabric labels are a useful way of promoting your brand, displaying important care instructions, and sizing information. Add what you can without adding too much. You don’t want your label to be overloaded with information and may need to opt for a larger printed label.

You can always use separate labels if you have more to add and put them in a different place on the garment. Always consider the color schemes of your font against the background and ensure you choose colors that will stand out. When choosing the size of your label you must consider the garment it’s going to be added to. If you opt for a small label it may only be suitable for sizing information or a small logo only, so you will need additional labels for more information.

Printed fabric labels offer you a huge variety of vibrant colors and fancy fonts. The printed label method gives you fantastic fine detail, so you can add your logo or brand clearly and professionally. Quality is important for the fabric, but your design is important too, so make sure you’re happy with the information on the label and that the label is clutter free and clear to read.
You can easily design your own labels for your craft project or clothing line. It’s simple to do and support is available if you need it. Printed labels are a beautiful addition to your garment and add a personal touch to any fabric craft. Easily design your labels for craft, handmade clothing, or your own clothing line with help at hand.

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The Different Types Of Woven Garment Labels

Woven labels are the most common type of labels used on garments. They are made on a loom using woven thread, so are very durable and don’t fade through washing. All labels can be quickly and easily applied to various clothing, accessories, and other textile items. Custom made woven labels that are professionally made look fantastic and add a personal touch to any textile item.
Woven garment labels are available in a variety of folds, cuts, and colors. This allows you to fully customize them to your brand and style. Add your required font and logo whilst incorporating your own color scheme. You have three options when choosing woven labels and below explains the difference between the three materials;


Damask woven garment labels are a high-end choice that offers a high-quality finish. They are made with a high weave density creating a tight, durable weave. They are cut and sealed to prevent fraying. The slower weave gives you better detail and color separation. The vibrant color options give you an enhanced image for your brand or logo. They are usually used for labels that have small text such as signatures as their main benefit is the attention to detail. Damask is the ideal choice if you want a hard wearing label that gives a very good quality finish that is soft to touch.
Taffeta woven labels are the most economical choice in woven labels. they are polyester based and used for a more cost-effective choice. They do have a scratchy finish, so not suitable for clothing that is in contact with skin. They are very durable and weaving can be double for definition detail. Taffeta is most suitable for outerwear, or accessories that aren’t against the skin.


Satin labels are a polyester based thread that has a luxury feel and finish. The satin label can be produced using a single needle broadloom technique which produces a soft label that has a glossy finish. The soft to touch silky finish gives an upmarket feel. The colors available are more limited and quite basic background choices are available. If you a have a simple design to add, then satin labels will give you a luxury finish that is very durable.

The Process

Garment labels can easily be designed using the step by step online ordering system. Simply select from the label fold / cut options and the required size. Add your text and font followed by the color and type of woven label you have chosen. It’s simple to do and you can receive an instant quote for your chosen quantity. Once you have customized your order, you can easily select a free sample if you would like to see your finished label before you order.

A specialist will analyze the specifications of your order to ensure that the finished result will be made to a high standard. Woven labels are made to a high quality, but with affordability in mind. Receive a free sample and get your custom woven label quote simply.