4 Types of Woven Labels for Capturing Buyer’s Attention

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Whether you’re in apparel or furniture business, it is important to lend a striking element to your products to capture the attention of your potential buyers. Choosing the right type of label underpinned with distinctive content is one of the most crucial factors to get a competitive edge in your industry.

Woven labels can be a great option to accentuate the quality of your products and influence the buying decision of your target customers. These labels are woven with premium quality thread to make your labels attractive and highly-durable. These are the four types of woven labels that you can customize according to your business needs.

  1. High Definition Woven Labels

Most of the high-end luxury brands prefer high definition woven labels. These are woven in lustrous and imperial fabrics like silk, polyester, linen, and other types of premium fabrics. It gives a sophisticated finish with fine detailing of the logo and design of the label. These are ideal to fit in complex logo design and care content and are very safe and smooth to use.

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  1. Damask Woven Labels

These are considered to be the most common type of woven labels used by a wide spectrum of big brands across the world. These labels are quite akin to high definition woven labels. It is an upscale woven label sewn in a very thin thread and is used to highlight the intricate details. It is mostly used in clothing products as it is not only pleasing to the eyes but also very soft for the skin. Although it is advisable not to use it for kids wear or people with extremely sensitive skin.

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  1. Satin Woven Labels

These are usually sewn in high-quality polyester threads and are mostly recommended for fashionable products, vintage items or kid’s wear. The label content is designed meticulously on the satin fabric to provide a classy and shiny look. Like most of the woven labels, satin woven labels too are scratch proof and can withstand frequent wear and tear.

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  1. Taffeta Woven Labels

Taffeta woven labels are considered to be a popular choice because it costs much lower than any other type of woven label. These labels are polyester based and lend a slender and sleek look. However, it is not recommendable for innerwear requirements and is mostly used for external uses or accessories.

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