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Key to Building Customer Relationships with Effective Label Designs

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In today’s business ecosystem, maintaining good customer relationships is the key to success and there are different ways to achieve this. Showcasing quality labels that present the brand’s vision and provide customers the necessary information required to use the product is also an effective way to building strong customer relationships.

Xpresa Labels is a trusted label manufacturer that has been making quality labels since 2002. They have partnered with several brands and created extraordinary labels that have ensured repeat purchases of the product. Xpresa Labels has expertise in making custom quality hang tags, furniture labels, high quality woven labels and more. And here’s more on how their label designs have helped in building customer relationships.

Building strong local connects:

With the help of creative labels, brands can establish an effective local connect and give their products that special dimension that can make them stand out from the rest. This strategy works very well with products like food items as well as handicrafts as these are mostly bought for their uniqueness and local flavors.

Telling a Story:

Brands can also enhance their marketing efforts by telling customers the unique story of their journey. They can use interesting graphics on labels with satin printing and create a strong imagery of the procurement and processing of the particular product. This not helps in establishing a better connection with the customer also establishes a trust that comes with knowing a brand inside out.

Establishing a niche for the products:

When brands create labels that show the local connect or the story behind the procurement and purchase of a product, they tap into a niche market. And customers who particularly like such unique products belonging to a certain niche take pride in purchasing and procuring them. This works as a very powerful tool in establishing that relationship with the customer.

Creating Event oriented CTA:

Many marketers are also experimenting with labels that help with event oriented call to action. One way of achieving this is satin printing a QR code on the label on scanning which, customers can get the link to some online event or even get the link to download the passes for some concert or exhibition.

Creating redeemable coupons to give back:

Giving back to the customers for their association with the brand is an effective way of building a strong relationship. Many companies are as such using the hang tags to print redeemable coupons which the customers can always carry with them to the store to avail discounts and surprise gifts. Along with thanking the customer, this strategy also helps in driving repeat purchases.

While all these strategies are certainly effective in making a lasting impression in the customer’s mind and driving repeat purchases, they also add great value to the product.

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Overview on the Key Differences between Satin Printed and Woven labels

Any product that is manufactured for public consumption needs to have appropriate branding and labeling. This not only helps the customer identify with the brand, also helps in making a repeat purchase whenever there is a need to buy the same. Labels thus have a very important role to play in a product’s lifecycle.

Xpresa Labels is one of the foremost custom label manufacturers that have been in business since 2002. Many reputed brands opt for the printed and woven labels made by Xpresa because of the excellent quality of fabric they use, the color fastness of the yarn used in the woven labels as well as their pricing and quick turnaround time. Xpresa’s printed woven and satin labels are of the finest quality but if you have to order them you must know the difference between these two varieties. So here’s more on the key differences between printed and woven labels.

Printed Labels:

Even though many refer to these as satin labels, printed labels are ideally made from materials like satin, cotton, Tyvek, or poly blends like poly cotton or poly satin. The pattern, logo or catch line that you want to showcase on the label is digitally printed. Digital printing gives you the freedom to opt for intricate designs, unique colours as well as elaborate patterns.

Woven Labels:

These labels are usually made on materials like polyester and cotton. The threads primarily used for weaving the pattern on looms are polyester. Woven labels are woven from scratch and add a touch of elegance to the product. They are usually opted for when only the brand name or logo needs to be showcased. Even these can be made on a satin base but most people only associate satin with printed labels.

While the primary difference between these labels lies in their make, there are other significant differences too that may help you make a purchase decision.


Of the two varieties, printed satin labels are always comparatively cheaper as they are much easier to mass produce and customize. Woven labels on the other hand are comparatively more expensive as a lot of effort goes into making each label on a loom. Additionally, the base material used in making them as well as the yarn used for weaving is also quite expensive.

Professional and sophisticated look:

Woven labels can be mostly seen on designer garments and other such high-end products as they are always associated with sophisticated brands. Given the efforts that go into making these labels, the materials used in making them and the overall cost, buyers always associate these labels with high-value brands.

Flexibility with Designs:

The printed labels win over the woven labels in this category. Digital printing is mostly used to print these and as such makers can always experiment with the color palette as well as design intricacies. Woven labels however offer limited options here as the pattern has to be such that it can be made on the loom. And for the color options, the designers cannot go beyond the colors of yarns available.


Woven labels, especially those made on cotton or polyester are usually more durable than satin labels. Neither do the woven labels come off easily, nor do the fade on repeated washing. This ensures that the product is carrying the brand name throughout its lifecycle and the reiteration never really stops.

Printed and woven labels have their unique features and must be chosen carefully based on the type of product as well as the target customer base.

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Overview On The 5 Most Popular Types Of Labels Used In Garments Industry


Whenever we go to buy clothes, as soon as we find something that catches the eye, we instinctively try to look for the label to know more about the brand, the size and the price. And it is this label that eventually influences our purchase decision. So you see how important this insignificant looking thing is for the clothing brands. The label helps in creating that final purchase decision which eventually adds to the brand’s revenue and helps it stay in business.

At Xpresa you can get a complete variety of labels and even order them online. However, before you place an order you must always know your options. Here’s an overview on the five most popular types of labels used in the garments industry.

Woven Labels:

As you all might have seen, these labels are commonly found in designer clothes. They are made with threads of premium quality and are manufactured in computerized looms. These come in three types based on the quality of the material i.e Damask, Satin and Taffeta. The thread used in these labels are recycled and colored using vegetable dyes making them absolutely safe for the environment. Also, these labels are very skin friendly and owing to the usage of natural dyes in them, they also do not cause any allergic reactions. Moreover, these labels also score high on color fastness and do not spoil clothes due to color leaking from them. Owing to their superior quality, these labels can be seen on most designer clothes. Woven labels can also be customized as per the client’s requirements and as such are highly in demand.

Printed Labels:

These labels are used when a soft material is required. These are generally found on sportswear and such kind of clothing. Satin and Taffeta are mostly used for these labels. The best thing about these labels is that people have the freedom to select the font, label color and text color and get custom designs printed as per the need of the brand.

Hang Tags:

While some clothing brands prefer to stitch their labels onto the clothing, most of them prefer to add hang tags. These hang tags can either be made from cardboard or from a fabric that is a little coarse. Most woven hang tags are made on a fabric and are attached with the cloth with all information related to the garment’s size as well as care instructions. These labels are commonly seen in denims and even accessories like hand bags etc.

Stock Labels:

These are those tiny little size descriptions that you see in all kinds of clothing. These are usually mass produced and generally found in black background with white lettering. While many clothing brands try to include the size description with the primary hang tag or woven label, most of them prefer to have this little stock label stitched separately.

Customized Labels:

Along with all the different kinds of labels that Xpresa makes, the customized ones are most popular with customers. People can get labels made of satin with printing done as per their requirement. Xpresa also offers the option of customizing woven labels and hang tags and many brands, especially the ones that are homegrown use this service to delight their customers with special messages to leave a lasting impression.

They may seem quite insignificant but labels are extremely important for the garments industry as not only do they help in differentiating one brand from the other, they also help a customer decide whether to opt for a particular product or not.

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Elevate your brand to the next level with appropriate use of printed labels

It is essential to establish a unique brand image that will convert visitors to loyal customers. In addition, branded products that deliver quality and consistency are willing to command a premium price.

What are printed labels?

In general, printed clothing labels are made from these materials:
●Poly Blend, e.g., Poly satin or Polycotton

A printed clothing label is a label printed onto a material with a logo or name of your choice. Printed labels allow you to choose from a virtually unlimited palette of colours. The printed labels will give you exactly what you have envisioned after designing them. Your designs may require intricate details. Despite being printed, the labels are washable. A garment label that comes off after the first wash is a pointless investment. Ultimately, if done correctly, they can boost brand awareness.

Benefits of printed labels

An extra little touch on a label can take many forms, such as a joke, a sketch of your cat, an important date, etc. But generally, it will be your brand logo, so we’ll talk about that today. You should consider ordering custom-printed labels if you are running a successful online store.
●Enhances the professionalism of your brand
With printed labels, you can control every aspect of your brand, and your customers will notice that you have thought of every detail. That’s the essence of professionalism.

●It gives your brand a distinctive identity
By adding customized labels to your products, you’re expanding your brand’s definition and helping your business stand out among your competitors.
●It serves as a constant reminder of your brand
When a customer receives a product, they will likely forget what store they purchased it from. It is out of sight and out of mind. The printed label on your shirt keeps your brand visible during usage.

●It is another way to express creativity
If you want, you can incorporate an informative or fun message for the customer.

Why you should opt for Xpresa’s printed labels?

Custom printed clothing labels are the perfect choice for intricate designs and care instructions. We offer care labels that can be printed on either side (or both sides). We also offer woven labels, embroidered patches, woven patches, and hang tags.

Consider our woven labels, embroidered labels, woven labels, or hang tags if you need a label with coloured lettering. Xpresa Labels offer multiple colour options for your garment tags. You can also add foil embossing to your printed clothing labels if you want to add some flair to them. There are various cutting and folding options available, such as centrefold, hot cut, and sonic cut. With Xpresa Labels, we ensure a fast turnaround for your busy production schedule. The time frame for producing printed clothing labels is no longer than seven days. We adhere to a production schedule of four to seven days and provide the option of the USA Made for those clients who wish to have their labels made in America. For both small and large customers, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service.

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Why Choose Printed Labels for Your Garments?

Printed Labels Offer Quality And Affordability

Now is the time to take a closer look at printed labels and see if this is the best way share your brand and important information about your clothing.

So you’ve come up with a beautiful piece of clothing and you want to produce more and offer it up to the public. If you want to be successful, you know you’re going to need some type of label that expresses your brand and also some important information about the piece of clothing. Printed clothing tags offer lots of benefits for new designers and those who have been in the game for a while.

Very Durable

It’s no secret you need durable labels. You want something that is not only going to attach to clothing easily, but also be able to stand up to constant wear and tear. Printed labels are perfect because they are incredibly durable. The materials are high in quality, and you can count on them to stick with your garments for an extended amount of time. Woven labels are nice, but they don’t always stand the test of time as well as a printed label. Despite the durability, you can still get the labels quickly so you can get things out to consumers in a timely manner.


New and experienced designers alike keep an eye on expenses. From the cost of materials to the price of labels, you want to be able to make a financially smart decision. Printed labels are affordable, and when compared with other clothing tag options, they make a lot of sense. Pair the low-cost printed labels with the fact that they are going to last a long time, and you have something that is well worth investing in.

Can Be Customized

Customization can cause the clothing tags to cost a little bit more. However, when they already start at a lower price, you can definitely afford to go ahead and make the labels extra special. When you customize things, you can choose the type of font, the colors that you use, and even upload your own logo to ensure that your labels stand out from the rest. If you’re just getting started, you want to make sure that from the very beginning, your pieces stand out from the rest. Once you come up with the design – or you can always work with a professional designer – you can often get a proof of the design in about 24 hours.

While the materials that you use and the design of your garments is important, you also want to pay special attention to the labels that you are attaching to each piece. There are lots of options to choose from, but make sure that you take a closer look at the printed labels. They are durable enough to stand up to constant use, ensuring that your brand lasts. They are affordable, and they can be customized to have everything you want, including your logo.