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Beginner’s Guide To Designing That Perfect Label


A good quality professionally designed label speaks volumes about a brand. The label not only gives vital information about the brand, it also speaks volumes about the quality of the product. A professionally designed label by a reputed label maker like Xpresa Labels can go a long way in enhancing the brand’s image. Xpresa Labels has been at the forefront of providing custom quality labels and tags at the most affordable prices.

People can always upload their logo and design specifications on Xpresa’s self-designing portal using which the company can manufacture and deliver quality labels as per the customer’s choice. And here are a few tips on how people can design their labels to make them coherent with their brand’s image and product.

Use the best possible tools:

Xpresa Labels offers an easy-to-use portal where people just need to follow the steps and upload their design to get the label made. However, those who want to do it independently would need some sophisticated tools and software with the help of which they can design the graphics as well as give shape to the label. Use of professional tools is absolutely necessary to get professional looking labels.

Keep the Product in mind:

 Before designing the label, it is also very important to keep the product package in mind. For instance, if a sports label has to be designed it has to be done keeping in mind the kind of products the company manufactures. For instance, the label should be such that it is prominently visible on small products like tennis balls as well as bigger items like rackets.

Include only the most important information:

While designing the label, one has to make sure that it is clutter free. It is as such important to include only as much information as may be relevant to catch the customer’s attention or convey important details. Especially, if it is a sports label, the information has to be displayed very tactfully.

Make all the information clear and readable:

While designers should try to keep the label clutter free, they should also try to ensure that the information is clearly readable. The brand name as well as the product name should be clearly defined so there is no confusion at all in the customer’s mind. The space distribution in the logo should be done in a way that the brand’s readability is not compromised.

Be consistent with the logo:

While designing the label one has to make sure that the brand’s logo can be appropriately displayed. The spatial arrangement should be such that the logo or the fonts do not get distorted as that creates a very negative impression about the brand.

Use an interesting combination of fonts:

Along with the brand’s logo, other relevant information should be strategically displayed on the label with a smart combination of fonts. Designers can use ornate, bold or modern fonts to display the information clearly as well as creatively.

Therefore, while designing the label, the designer has to primarily keep the readability factor in mind along with the aesthetics. A tastefully designed label goes a long way in establishing the brand’s position in the market and as such it is always best to be as creative as possible in designing one.