Design Ideas for Custom Clothing Tags

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Are you planning to launch your own clothing line but can’t decide on the ideal design for the clothing labels and tags? Be it for casual T-shirts or exclusive designer wear, a well-designed clothing label is very important to influence the consumers and create an everlasting impression. Get started with these design ideas and create your own custom clothing label and tags.

  • Flaunt your hard work

It goes without saying that you need to be very creative when creating the label design. Besides that, you should be upfront about your hard work and convey how you have crafted the products ‘with care’. Create a clothing tag which conveys this message to create a positive impact on the consumers.

  • Use the right cut

Create the hangtags per your priority. You need to learn different types of cuts and folds where you will get the option to flaunt both the label and care instructions. Here are the 8 Different Types of Cuts and Folds for Brand Labels you need to know before creating your custom clothing label and tags.

  • Color play

Color plays a very important part and just like your label, the tags should also have the right colors to accentuate your brand identity. For instance, if you wish to promote minimalistic fashion trend then you should go with colors like black, white or grey. If promoting eco-friendly environment is your priority then, of course, a nice shade of green should be your pick.    

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  • Printed or woven

Make sure the tag design is in sync with the label design. Woven tags are created with high-quality thread to assure durability while the printed ones are a more affordable option that can be affixed to the product with a high end finishing touch.   

  • Be zany

The millennials of today appreciate quirky content and if you can tweak the label and tag content with a dash of humor, it can act as a great connecting factor with the consumers. You can also add interesting trivia or jokes depending on the psyche of your target customers.   

  • Care content

Instead of cluttering the label with too much care instructions, you can use it in hangtags. This will help the customers focus more on your brand name and also help them understand the care instructions better.

  • Get inspired

Follow the latest trends and make a checklist of the best of the features. Create your tags keeping the taste and preferences of the millennials and please make sure you don’t COPY!

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