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Factors to Consider While Choosing Damask Labels for Clothing

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Paying attention to details is essential. It will help you to take your company to the next level. It is very important to add value and enhance your brand identity. The label is one aspect that is overlooked. You can add your personal touch with labels. Fine threads are used to weave damask label clothing. It adds a touch of sophistication and richness to your outfits. However, there are so many choices available. Selecting the ideal damask label may seem difficult. This article will help you to improve your understanding of labels. Let us delve into the factors to be considered while choosing labels. Choose the perfect label to complement your creations.

1. Fabric & Thread Count:

  • Material: Damask labels clothing typically use polyester or cotton threads. Polyester is known for its vibrant colors and durability. It is a great option for products that require frequent washing. It is an easy material for washing. Cotton has a natural, soft feel. It adds an extra touch of luxury and comfort to the garments. The choice between these materials should be based on the fabric of your garment and the aimed aesthetics.
  • Thread Count: The thread count is another important factor. A higher thread count means finer threads. It results in sharper details and a more luxurious texture. Consider using 50 Denier for intricate logos and a soft touch. 100 deniers might be more appropriate for durability and bolder designs.

2. Design & Details:

  • Colors: There’s a vast color palette to explore. It helps you to find the perfect match for your brand’s aesthetic. The background color is just as important as the color of the text or logo.
  • Logos & Text: Damask is excellent for its intricate details. However, it’s best to keep designs simple for smaller labels to ensure clarity.
  • Finishing Touches: You can further customize your labels with metallic threads, merrowed borders, or laser cutting. These finishing touches can add a unique element to your brand.

3. Functionality & Placement:

  • Label Placement: The placement of the label on the garment affects the material choice. Labels inside the neckline should be made from soft, comfortable materials. While labels on outer seams can afford to be bolder and more textured.
  • Washing Instructions: The label must withstand washing and drying cycles without fading or fraying. Matching the label material to the garment’s care instructions is essential. It is to ensure longevity.
  • Legality & Certifications: Be aware of legal requirements for damask label clothing. Such as care instructions and the country of origin. Certifications like GOTS for organic cotton or Oeko-Tex for environmentally friendly production. It can add value to your brand.

4. Cost & Budget:

  • Price: Damask labels offer a premium look. But they come at a slightly higher cost than simpler options. It’s important to compare prices from different suppliers. Consider the added value to your brand’s image.
  • Minimum Order Quantities: Be mindful of minimum order quantities. They can be a significant factor for smaller businesses. Planning and considering bulk discounts for larger orders can help manage costs effectively.

Why Choose Damask Labels?

  • Luxury & Sophistication: Damask labels elevate your brand image with class and refinement.
  • Durability & Longevity: These labels withstand wear and tear. It ensures your brand lasts longer.
  • Versatility & Customization: With a wide range of colors, details, and finishes available, damask labels can be perfectly tailored. It is to match your brand’s unique style.
  • Softness & Comfort: High-quality materials like cotton are used. It is to ensure the labels are comfortable against the skin. It also enhances the quality of the garment.


It is very important to add value and enhance your brand identity. Adding your personal touch and showcasing your uniqueness can be the key. Considering the above factors can help you choose the perfect damask label clothing and elevate your personalized touch. Explore the possibilities of damask labels and elevate your clothing brand to new heights!

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Why Damask Labels are a Must-Have for Premium Clothing Brands?

In the world of fashion, premium clothing brands strive to stand out and make a lasting impression on their customers. Clothing labels often go unnoticed, but they are a vital component that can enhance the overall perception of the brand’s quality and attention to detail. At Xpresa Labels, we understand the importance of creating an impeccable brand image which is why we believe that Damask labels are a must-have for premium clothing brands.

The Versatility of Damask Label Clothing

Damask labels are a testament to sophistication and craftsmanship. These woven labels are made using high-quality polyester threads, resulting in a label that is soft to the touch, durable and can withstand the test of time. At Xpresa Labels, we offer a variety of Damask label types to cater to the specific needs of premium clothing brands:

Straight Cut damask label clothing: These labels are cut all around for stitching on all sides. They provide a clean and polished look and the smooth edges make them an ideal choice for high-end clothing.

Center Fold Damask Labels: In this style, the label is folded in half, with a fold on one side and loose ends on the other. Premium brands often choose this option for its versatility, as the label can be sewn from the loose ends for an exposed label or sewn along the fold for a more discreet appearance. This flexibility allows brands to adapt the label’s placement to suit different garment designs.

Cut/End Folded Damask Labels: These labels have their ends folded inward, making them ideal for stitching on the inside of folds or seams. This style ensures that the label remains hidden from view, providing a subtle branding solution for premium garments.

Adhesive and Iron-Backed Clothing Labels: We understand that not all premium clothing items are sewn, which is why we offer adhesive and iron-backed Damask labels. These labels are easy to apply and will ensure that your brand’s identity remains intact even on non-sewable materials.

Why Choose Damask Labels?

Damask labels are known for their superior quality. The weaving process is done with a much finer thread, which allows for intricate details and sharp text, ensuring that your brand’s logo and information are represented with precision and clarity. Premium clothing brands need labels that can endure frequent wear and washing, and damask labels are exceptionally durable, maintaining their appearance over time, even after multiple wash cycles.

Damask labels are also often much softer than conventional brands, which adds a touch of luxury to your clothing. At Xpresa Labels, we offer a wide range of customization options for your Damask labels. You can choose from various sizes, colors, fonts and finishes to create labels that perfectly align with the look and style of your brand. You can also upload your logo or label design into our ‘design your own label’ tool, and our expert label specialists will assess every detail of your woven label request using your precise specifications. We use top-quality raw materials, ensuring an excellent result every time.

Elevate your brand’s identity with Damask labels from Xpresa Labels and leave a lasting impression of elegance and quality on your customers.

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5 Ways to Successfully Launch a Menswear Brand

guide-page-care-banner-3 (2)

Owing to technological advances, it’s become fairly easier to reach out to people and present our thoughts and ideas. And for the same reason, it’s become very convenient for people to launch new products and market them successfully.

The fashion industry is making the most of these opportunities and many people are coming up with their new clothing lines. Xpresa Labels has partnered with many such start-ups and has been a part of their success story. The bespoke damask labels for clothing brands that Xpresa Labels designs and manufactures have become a staple with many such clothing lines that started small but made it big in the fashion industry.

And based on the experience that the experts at Xpresa have had with new brands, here’s more on how to successfully launch a menswear brand – a guide on how to kick-start your business.

1. Identify the need and the niche

When you are newly launching a product, you have to have a focused approach to create something that solves a problem or fills a gap. You should, thus, study and analyze the niche very closely and create your product based on market trends.

In the case of menswear, you should try to find out whether your vision of the product fits in with the demand for casual, work wear, or active wear. Based on this analysis you can start your fashion line and establish your brand in a certain domain. You should also highlight and market the USP of your product based on this study.

2. Create a robust plan for manufacturing

Simply launching a brand or conceptualizing a product is not enough, its production and the complete supply chain management also need to be taken into account.

People planning to launch a fashion brand should have a robust manufacturing unit or a partner whom they can always trust for uninterrupted production. In fact, not just for the products, it is important to have a reliable manufacturing partner or vendor even for the labels and other clothing accessories which form an important role to give the products the desired finesse. Xpresa Labels is one such trusted label manufacturer that continues to partner with many successful brands to supply woven damask labels for clothing.

3. Keep a tab on the costs

Along with creativity and passion for your products, you also need strong business acumen to make your menswear brand successful, finance-wise.

The first thing that you must remember while launching a product is profitability. You should thus be able to analyze the costs and optimize every aspect of production in order to generate maximum revenue. You must know how to determine the sale price of a product after factoring in all the aspects like taxes, logistics, packaging, and more.

4. Be quick to adapt

Even though you may want to launch your menswear brand with a certain vision in mind, you have to be ready for the fact that your vision may not be in alignment with the customer’s expectations. You should, therefore, always be ready to make quick changes and adapt as per the customer’s needs while keeping the essence of your brand intact if you want to make your menswear brand popular.

5. Execute meticulously

After having created your product line you must start promoting it well. You should have a proper strategy in place for branding and marketing. At this stage, you could always use the expertise of experienced label makers like Xpresa Labels to help with the product labels and tags so they can contribute to the marketing and branding efforts.

You should also use suitable offline & online marketing techniques to reach out to the maximum number of your target customers.

Having said that, we wish you the best of luck with your upcoming venture.

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4 common mistakes to avoid while ordering custom clothing labels

Labels play a very important role in establishing a brand’s identity and enhancing its image. It is as such extremely important to carefully select the labels so they are compatible with the brand and are in sync with the product’s identity.

Xpresa Labels has been in the business of label making since 2002 and have catered to a host of clientele with varied requirements. Right from woven labels to printed labels and damask label clothing, they have expertise in printing all kinds of labels and creating all kinds of complex designs. Having worked with so many different kinds of clients, they have seen the different kinds of mistakes that people make while ordering custom clothing labels and how these mistakes result in loss of revenue. Here’s more on some of the common mistakes to avoid while making custom clothing labels.

Carelessness while designing the label:

Many a times, while designing the labels on their own or uploading one on a website that makes custom labels, people tend to make mistakes with the color, font, pattern and even the spellings. When such carelessly done labels are printed, they not only hamper the brand’s image also create a very negative impression about the owners in the minds of the customers. People should thus be extremely careful while ordering custom clothing labels online.

Reluctance to check the art proof:

Checking the digital art rendering and sew out sample is another crucial step that many people tend to bypass in the label making process. This is however one mistake that people must avoid at all costs as this gives the correct picture of the size, the color, font etc. By rechecking the art rendering, people can always avoid mistakes if there is any. It is a good practice to sew out sample before ordering the final batch. This step is not only crucial for the individual ordering the label but the label manufacturer too as it eliminates all the double work.

Not adding enough sewing allowance:

For a logo or brand name to stand out prominently, the label must be sewn onto the seam with great care. People often forget to look into this and evaluate the amount of space that may be required to properly sew the label onto the clothing. For labels that must be sewn into the seam it would be enough to leave a space of .25”and for those that must be sewn on all four sides, leaving a space of .125” should be enough. The space left should be such that when sewn, the logo is centrally positioned.

Not ordering well in advance:

Not ordering the labels on time and trying to rush the production team to get a batch ready in the shortest possible time is another big mistake that people often make with custom label orders. Right from the damask label for clothing to the printed satin labels, getting the labels ready to ship requires a certain amount of time and rushing only makes the whole process very difficult for the manufacturers. It is as such advisable to order well in advance so there is ample time to check the proofs, rectify errors and then process the final order.

In order to avoid getting a whole batch of poorly made labels it is always good to look into all the aspects of the product, evaluate it carefully and then place the final order. Customers should also do their bit to understand the market sentiments and competition before ordering custom labels.