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Checklist to Follow When Buying Adhesive Labels

Posted on: Sep 08, 2015

Labels give clothes its basic identity and that is the reason designers tend to label their clothes so that potential buyers and existing customers can identify the brand. Labels have a brand of its own and this branding gives labels its basic identity. Labels are designed as per the personal style and aesthetics of designers. But care needs to be given that labels designed blend well with the clothes and become an extension of those clothes.

There is a diverse collection of clothes labels that designers use to give it a unique identity. There have also been instances when designers customize clothes labels. Remember a few important factors whether you are buying labels for your designs or buying materials to customize a unique label design.

Check the Quality of Raw Materials – Raw materials used in making labels play a huge role in determining whether the labels are of good quality or not. Raw materials are considered important because they determine the durability of the labels. Using good quality raw materials give the finished labels a refined and polished look which is long lasting. So if you prefer customizing your labels, then make sure you inspect the raw materials well.

Keep the Budget in Mind – Budget is the most important factor when planning to launch your own fashion line. When choosing labels, remember to pre decide the cost of labels and make sure you stick to it. Label prices are fixed after calculating the costs involved in launching your fashion line that boasts of latest clothes collection. When choosing a label design for your clothes collection, don’t go overboard on your budget.

Decide the Finished Look of Labels – The finished look of the label is of prime importance because that is what will hold onto people’s attention. At the same time it will also increase their retention power towards your brand of clothes. The two most common finished look of labels are matte and gloss. However, the finished look also depends on the basic theme and look of your collection. If your fashion brand has all glossy and glamorous clothes, then the finished look of labels should be glossy. But if you prefer earthy clothes those are subtle in creating an impression, then go for the matte finish labels. So choose the finished look appropriately.

Pre Determine the Shape of Labels – Labels come in variety of shapes and sizes and it is entirely upon the designer who is running the business to decide the size and shape of the labels that will be attached with their clothes. Make sure labels stand out and choose a size and shape that matches the design and the look of the clothes.

Check the Durability of Adhesive LabelsAdhesive labels are considered to be the most commonly used clothing labels. The prime reason for its frequent use is its easy ability to get attached with clothes. However, it is important to check and test the durability of the adhesive labels for a long time span. So check the manufacturing and the quality of labels before you buy them to attach them with your clothes.

If you can keep this checklist when planning to purchase or customize labels for your clothes collection, then you can enjoy a hassle free experience. You will eventually be successful in giving your clothes the right identity with the help of labels.

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Check Out the Eco Friendly Label Options

Posted on: Sep 17, 2015

There is no doubt about the fact that consumerism is groping the world with all its vigor. But in spite of this growing consumerism, there has been a gradual shift in what consumers are demanding. This shift is the sudden demand for eco friendly products so that people can take one step towards preserving the environment. This demand for eco friendly products has shifted in the choice of apparel labels as well. Yes you guessed it right, fashion designers are coming with interesting labels made from environment friendly products because that is what buyers are presently demanding.

Interestingly, there are 2 types of eco friendly labels. Let us take a close look at those:

Recycled Material Labels – These labels are made from recycled materials and are neatly tucked in designer clothes. Having labels on clothes is extremely important because that is the only way to give clothes its distinct identity. Since the focus has shifted to eco friendly labels, even designers are focusing on attaching labels to their designer collection that is made of eco friendly materials. High quality eco friendly materials play a huge role in creating labels those are long lasting and exudes the same beauty to enhance the clothes.

Recycled Fabric Labels – Fabrics are the prime materials those are used to craft labels. Designers always focus on using fabrics those are good quality and durable because only that will make for good labels. People are of the opinion that recycled fabrics are not long lasting and will not be durable enough. It is time to break free from this notion, because recycled fabrics can be used as labels but care needs to be taken that they are properly processed. Accurate processing ensures that the labels are long lasting and has the same qualities to give clothes its distinct identity.

So if you are looking for eco friendly labels, then don’t look beyond the above mentioned label types to do justice to your customers demand for eco friendly products. In fact the above mentioned label types are extremely reliable and is considered to be the best option when it comes to selecting eco friendly labels to do justice towards the cause of Nature preservation.

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Build Your Brand with Quality Woven Labels

Posted on: Dec 04, 2015

If you have recently come up with your own garment business, it’s now time for you to make it a professional one. Building your brand name will take time and hence, you should start early. Labeling your garments can be the very first step which you can take in order to form brand recognition in the market. You can choose from woven labels, swing tags, or printed labels and all of these, apart from giving a fashionable look to your clothes, will also create brand awareness. For any manufacturer, tags are the first thing which comes in mind while producing a garment. This small piece of label serves many purposes and is indeed very essential for any new or upcoming garment business.

Technology Helps Us Everywhere!

This is the age of technology and we all have become its slave. It has been a great friend to all of us. No matter whether it’s our personal life or the professional one, living without technology isn’t possible. It is an amazing help for the various businesses as well. it is the best platform for creating brand awareness and easily allows a company to be at par with its competitors. With the help of the internet, the consumers can easily get any information about any particular business. So, when you have a label for your business in the form of a label for your garments, showcasing them on the internet is the best thing to do in order to reach out to your targeted consumers.

How Quality Garment Labels Help?

• When you go for the good quality personalized woven labels for your garments, you are knowingly taking a step ahead in forming your brand awareness among the crowd.
• These labels will allow a seamless transition of your business from a newbie to a famous brand among the consumers in no time!
• With the help of forming brand awareness, these labels will reach out to the customers and you will get more sales.
• The personalized labels will make sure that your garments have your individual touch in them and that the products aren’t a copy of anything else.

Name tags aren’t only related to the garment business but these are equally important for sundry items like gym kits, lunch boxes, etc. These create brand awareness as well as helps businesses in making profits. High quality labels will strengthen your brand with high product recognition and this way, you will gain more consumer loyalty.

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Benefits of Having Quality Woven Labels for Your Clothes

Posted on: Sep 04, 2015

Clothing labels play a very important role in branding your fashion line and helps you showcase your clothes collection. Branding requires something elementary or symbolic and the best way to get that is by designing your personal label. Designing a label gives your fashion line its distinct identity and people can immediately identify your line of fashion collection just by seeing your label.

This is the major reason for people planning to introduce their own line of fashion to design their label first. This label will be further used to brand your fashion line which in turn will trigger sales and people would automatically relate your designs with the label.

In the world of fashion labels play a huge role. Going by recent trends, woven labels are a big hit because it gives a personal touch to clothes. Personalization is always a big hit among buyers and it strikes an impression. So let us take a quick look at the benefits of having woven labels attached to clothes.

• Unites Your Fashion Designs – Your collection is undoubtedly like a breath of fresh air that you are offering your buyers. So having a label gives your clothes its distinct identity and makes your clothes more relatable with you. So all your contemporary or edgy designs can now be clubbed together under that one label which stands the same for all your various designs.

• Triggers Interest among Buyers – It is important to market your label so that it becomes your signature. Post that it is easier to market your clothes under that label. Now that your label has become a common name and has created a lot of buzz in the fashion circuit, your clothes seems a lot more accessible to people. It triggers their interest towards you and your clothes because you have branded your label well.

• Labels Give Your Brand a Gateway – You need to create the right gateway or channel for your clothes. In fact figuring that seems a little difficult initially. But once you have understood that process it is easy to set the revenue bells ringing. Currently, high quality woven labels are the gateway that is generating a lot of positive response. Now is your opportunity to make the most of this gateway and trigger sales. Make the most of this opportunity and ensure that all labels are woven and are of high quality.

Labels play an important role and help you market your fashion collection well. Labels give your fashion designs a parity, structure and uniformity.

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5 Tips to Determine Well Made Custom Clothing Tags

Posted on: Nov 10, 2015

Fashion industry is considered to be one of the most illustrious industries where there is a splash of vibrant colors and experimentation with fashion trends. Being a part of this industry is also quite a challenge because you need to stay updated with the latest trends all the time. As professionals you need to bring in latest trends so that others can follow soon after. This is the only way you can stay ahead of your contemporaries and be better than everyone else.

However, in the fashion industry it is important to customize looks and give clothes your identity by adding custom clothing tags to it. Clothing tags are a great way to let the world know more about your fashion brand. So make sure you have the clothing tags right in place.

A lot of thought goes into ensuring that the clothes are of great quality, it is equally important to check the same when selecting clothing tags. Clothing tags serve an important purpose and hence select the best quality tags to add value to your clothes.

Check the Fabric – The fabric is the fundamental aspect when selecting clothing tags. The fabric always determines the durability of clothing tags. So make sure that you choose a fabric of the finest quality and then customize it to have your tag.

Inspect the Stitches – Stage two deals with checking the stitches of the clothing tags. Stitches indicate how firmly the clothing tags will fit in your clothes. So make sure the stitches are firm and are done by professional craftsmen.

Check the Size of the Clothing Tags – The size of the clothing tags is a tricky area to inspect. Many people fail to understand why the size of clothing tags should be given importance in the first place. Size of clothing tags should be just about appropriate to blend well with your clothes and not stand out. If you wish to make sure that the clothing tags add value to clothes, then care needs to be taken that the size is just right.

Scrutinize Quality of Color Used in Labels – Color is yet again a major point to remember and inspect. Often clients complain that after a couple of washes, color from tags wash off. Therefore, it is important to check the color quality on clothing tags.

Logo of Your Fashion Brand – Logo is the basic identity of your fashion brand. In fact, a part of your branding strategy for your fashion house is based on the logo design. So make sure you have the right logo design that fits perfectly well in your clothing tag.

Make sure you check these factors well while selecting your preferred custom clothing tags that will let the world know about your sense of fashion.

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Benefits of Using Iron-On Clothing Labels

Posted on: Jan 07, 2016

When you need some good quality clothing labels, Xpresa Labels is the place where you should make your search in order to avail plenty of options. We deal with every kind of labels, starting from stick-on labels to woven ones. Also, one of the most popular ones that we have for our customers is the iron on clothing labels. These labels can be easily put on any kind of clothing and the best thing about them is that one can easily iron the labels on to other clothing items like robes and bath towels. Let us now see some more benefits of buying iron-on labels from Xpresa Labels.

• At Xpresa Labels, we have a wide variety of iron-on labels which include satin and woven ones too. Each of the labels is available in different colors and fonts and you can choose the ones which you like the most.

• Our iron-on labels ensure adherence and we make use of iron heating which causes the labels to stick on the clothing that lasts for a long time. You can wash them, dry them the way you want and again wear them without worrying anything about the labels falling off.

• In case you need fancier iron-on labels, you can choose from the satin and the woven labels from us which adds a superior level of sophistication to your clothing. These fancy labels are best options for the handkerchiefs, stoles and other high-end items.

• For the individual crafters, iron-on labels work well too. In case you are really fond of making your own garments or if you love gifting self-made clothing to your friends and family, adding a sophisticated and beautiful custom iron-on label will make the whole thing a lot more special. The recipient will adore you more after seeing your name labeled on the piece of clothing you have gifted them.

Iron-On Labels: Great for Kids!

Kids are usually forgetful in nature and when they are happy and playing with friends, they get naughtier! Iron-on labels are a great option for kids’ garments as you will no more have to worry about their clothing labels falling off at school or at their friend’s place while they are busy playing. They jump, they climb, they roll and they do whatever they feel like. Sometimes, they take off their sweaters and jackets and throw them on the ground. They end up leaving the items forgotten. However, with the help of iron-on labels on their clothes, you can be sure of the fact that you will always find their clothes with just a little bit of searching. It will become easier even for your kid to identify his/her own particular clothing among other ones.

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Benefits Of Using Custom Clothing Labels For Your Business Clothing

The impact that clothing labels can have on your business is significant. Having the perfect clothing labels will affect the starting point of your customer’s journey and if you incorporate your brand will increase brand recognition.

Incorporating custom clothing labels enables you to offer your employees branded uniform to make them look and feel the part. The first point of contact your employees have with customers is the first moment they have to build a positive opinion for your business. The way your customers get to know your employee should start off on the right foot, allowing employees to represent the business by wearing the uniform shows a united team.

  • Employee uniforms might not seem like a priority, but giving your employees the right clothing to wear to work can impact how they work as a team. Wearing the same attire increase morale as your employees will feel included. Selecting an appropriate clothing label that is customized with your branding will bring your team together. Use color schemes and logos on your branded wear for consistency.

  • Customers will want to know what your business is all about before making a decision to buy. Incorporating labels makes employees easily identifiable. Displaying your logo and making it clear on employee’s uniforms is a simple way to get your brand out there. It also looks so much more professional than own clothes.

  • Always keep in mind that your employees are the face of your brand and your business. Allowing them to meet and greet customers dressed in branded clothing can guarantee the customer will see them as more professional than a team wearing different clothing. Giving your team clothing to wear, also rules out issues with non-suitable clothing being worn. Take time to create attractive apparel utilizing the colors used throughout your brand and your logo. This will create interest and increase brand awareness helping your business to move forward.

  • Custom labels for your clothing are fantastic if you’re interested in a variety of purchases. You may want to offer your team apparel for different seasons. Jumpers, t-shirts, long/short sleeve blouses, or shirts can all be used as uniform with the right clothing labels. With clothing labels, you can decide on the clothing you need and incorporate your logo into a variety of clothing items.

  • Employees wearing uniform with custom clothing labels are basically walking advertisements. As they travel to and from work, or nip out for lunch, they are increasing awareness of your brand and are more likely to begin meaningful conversations based around your business. They are representing you and are the face of your company; allow them to represent you professionally.

Selecting an appropriate clothing label that is customized with your brand will bring your team together. Use color schemes and logos on your branded wear to promote your brand through your employees. If you already have a logo, that’s fantastic. If you don’t, then ensure you take a considerable amount of time to ensure your logo professionally represents your company and displays a visual representation of what your company is about. Logos have a powerful impact on whether or not you are recognised and remembered by your target audience.  If your logo is powerful, then people will only have to catch a glance of the logo to identify your company. This is a vital aspect to work on for your custom clothing label.

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Before Starting Your Clothing Business, You Need to Know This!

Posted on: Dec 26, 2015

You are very fond of sewing and you often stitch clothes for your friends and family. With time, your relatives might have asked you to stitch something for their friends. Your work might have been highly appreciated by people around you and this is why, you have now started thinking about coming up with your own clothing range. Starting a garment business is quite interesting, however, there are certain aspects to look into. When you are new to this business, there are few points which you must memorize to make your journey a smooth one. So, what are they?

• Each and every clothing manufacturer has to attach the “use and care” labels to the finished garment pieces before selling them.
• The labels, be it the woven ones, the hang tags or the sewed ones, have to be permanently attached to the clothing seamlessly.
• The labels should have clear instructions about washing and using the same. You may go for the printed instructions, some approved symbols or it may be a combination of both.
• The labels should be of good quality and they should last for the entire life of the garment. This is the reason why you should always seek for a labeling company which will provide you with top-class woven damask labels.
• The “use and care” instructions should be verified. If you think that your clothing range has to be dry cleaned only, you should support the same with evidence.
• Always attach the labels in a place where they are easy to see.

Marketing Your Products with Labels

When a product goes out to the market for sale, it needs good packaging in order to grab the attention of the customers. This includes boxes which carry them to the shops from the warehouses. Each of the packaging layers has its own labeling and it helps in selling the product. Labels let the customers know about the necessary details related to the products. If the labeling is done well, it catches the attention of the potential customers more easily. So, in a way, labeling helps in marketing the products as well as building the brand.

Woven Labels – Give a Personalized Touch to Your Clothing Line

When you create your own piece of clothing, it becomes very special for you, isn’t it? It requires a lot of time and dedication to make one single garment and when you finally think about selling it, you would want it to have your own touch somewhere. At Xpresa Labels, we provide custom woven labels which come in different colors and designs. Just choose the one you like and give a professional look to your garments. Customization of labels will create your own brand identity and you will be able to reach out to more customers in a lesser time frame.

So, don’t you think that it’s now time for you to opt for garment labeling for your clothing line? Just give it a try and you will be overwhelmed with the customer responses. Good luck!

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Apparel Labeling: Things to Consider

Posted on: June 10, 2016

Labeling is an important task in creating an identity of a company. From clothing industry to pharmaceuticals, everyone looks for proper labeling of their products to create a name in the market. A company can’t proceed without labeling as it’s the face of the company. It contains all important information including the name of the company, tagline of the company and other additional information. There are many things that should be kept in mind while making a label for your product. Similarly, apparel labeling also needs your piece of mind for its manufacturing and production.
Let’s give you a proper picture of the things that should be considered while creating apparel labels. Keep reading below to know more.

Type of Apparel– This is the first thing that should be dealt with proper attention for apparel labels. You should know the type of apparel before labeling it. This makes the process very smooth and efficient. You can also make a note of the materials used for the apparel labeling. If you follow this rule in the beginning, your life will become easy and hassle-free. There are different types of apparel labels available in the market. So, you need to be sure of the category in which you want to sell and zero down on the labeling accordingly.

Agency of Labeling– This is the second most important thing to consider. The government agency will label the apparel. You have to make sure that it’s done by the correct state, federal or local agency. The different agencies will have different regulations for labeling the apparels. So, know the correct one and get the labeling done accordingly. There are many fraud agencies in the market. So, never rush in all the legal procedures. Check the agency well, do the research work and then get the labeling done.

Labeling Information– Before going ahead and labeling your apparels, it’s really essential to gain important information about labeling. There are many organizations that help you in the jurisdiction and also in the rules of the labeling. These help you in many ways to give you a proper idea about the procedures involved in labeling. So, seek their valuable guidance before you start your own business.

International Trade Labeling– Do you want to sell your clothing line abroad? If yes, then you should be very particular about the correct rules and regulations of the apparel labels. This will make your clothing line eligible for international trade. If you compromise with the labeling process then forget about spreading your business outside your country. If there’s loophole in the labeling procedure, trading inside the country will also be problematic. So, take your time and follow all the major rules and regulations of labeling for proper trading and business inside and outside the country.

If you want to flourish in the business, then follow the above-mentioned rules for apparel labels. Labeling is indispensable for any business as it an identity creator. So, never leave any loophole in the procedure of labeling that will hamper the business in the long run.

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All You Need To Know About Garment Labels

Washing instruction on label clothing are known as five elements. They are:

Washing by hand or with the help of machine: This is one of the first things that needs to be mentioned on garment labels to distinguish in between regular and delicate garments. The latter if thrown into a machine full of clothes might get permanently ruined. In order to avoid such unfortunate situations, mentioning this is of big significance.

Bleaching: If an apparel took to all kinds of bleaches without harming the product under consideration in any way then it would not have been important to mention bleaching in the garment label. However some clothes might get irreparably damaged if introduced to harsh chlorine, therefore the mention.Bleaches also can be of two types, one comes with chlorine and the other with oxygen. So it is mentioned properly which type of bleach the cloth item is friendly with and which item would react harshly to the same.

Drying: Now some pieces of garment get damaged when coming in direct contact of high ranges of temperature. For such situations it is of primary importance to be dried delicately with the help of the machine itself.

Ironing: Different clothing material require different ranges of temperature to get properly ironed. Also regular usage of irons harm certain cloth items so understanding the what’s and why’s is important before ironing it.

Warnings: Over the above mentioned points, label clothing also comes with warnings like,”Do not iron”, “Do not wash in machine”, etc. Following these rules stringently to maintain good quality apparels are the basic expectations that one may have from the consumer. Though they are not utilized over alternative procedures like, if for example a certain instruction says, “Dry flat!”, it is absolutely not needed to mention “Do not tumble dry” too. If one is written on the garment label, the other is to be understood without any say.

Utilization of a care method without properly specifying on the garment labels can be extremely risky. Pieces of clothing particularly labeled as ‘washable’ might not dry clean properly.

Here let us look at some items which may not require completely permanent care labels but may find utility for temporary labels at a certain point of time.

  • Reversible clothing which comes without pockets.
  • Products that can withstand any magnitude of washing, drying, bleaching, ironing and dry cleaning with every kind of harsh chemicals and yet appear fine.
  • Product that has been granted exemptions on the grounds that appearance of labels might hurt its external appearance or its utility shall be hampered in any way.

The items that do not at all require care instruction labels:

  • Products may have been sold over to institutional buyers for use commercially.
  • Garment which has been custom-made to suit the customer.
  • Products that fall under exemptions because they were totally washable and got sold at barely $3 or even less. If the product ceases to meet the aforesaid standards, it gets revoked automatically.