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What are the specifications and recommended uses of the Damask Woven Label?

If you are searching out for an exquisite satin-soft label, both with more customization and flexibility, Damask is an excellent option for your apparel. It’s fabricated with polyester thread and is available in distinctive colors.

What is Damask fiber?

Damask is a changeable applique patterned textile material made out of wool, linen, silk, cotton, and other synthetic materials which obtain their shiny luster from weaving. Unlike other customized woven fabrics, Damask thread is thin. The thinner it is, the higher is the quality.

The satin wraps and the silk threads intensify the softness and reflect luster. One of the leading features of the Damask fabric is the small text signature, complex detailing. All these are only viable by the thin and best quality thread.


Damask tags and labels can entwine fine elements and, it’s very skin-friendly. There are two significant categories of Damask Woven Labels.

●50 denier Damask.
●100 denier Damask.

Both of them are also known as high-density woven labels. The following word ‘denier’ signifies the thread’s size. In that case, the 50 denier Damask thread is smaller than the yarn of 100 deniers.

Weaving with the 100 denier Damask thread offers exquisite sturdy, premium, and soft quality products. For all the exclusive leisure clothing marque worn by the kids and infant babies, or incorporate of minute detailing and inscription, the optimum will be the 50 deniers Damask Woven Labels.

The 50 denier woven labels incorporate the paramount weaving quantity. It exhibits enormous detailing and is very lavish and comfy. While adding up the total numbers of Damask Woven Labels colors, always remember the inclusion of the color for the background framework. There are many color alternatives to select from and, one can select up to eight colors.

Besides, there is no need to select white and black labels to minimize costs. The market price is similar for any other two color alternatives. For matching up the colors, take reference from the rigid enveloped and displayed color numbers (Pantone). You can avail the nearest color of the thread to the given Pantone code.

You can form any label size according to your choice. If the size goes over a particular measurement, the cost will not alter. These woven labels are trimmed with a sonic laser or warmed-up knife.

Labels colors, always remember the color inclusion for the background framework. There are many color alternatives to select from and, one can select up to eight colors.


●High-quality fabric.
●Durable and fine finishing.
●Soft and skin caring.
●Prominent detailing.
●Various range of colors.

Wrapping Up.

The woven labels are an essential component of your clothing. Damask is an exceptional woven label. It’s made from a high-density warp so that the designs get an optimum-level precision. A customized Demask is the best choice for availing you with the exquisite label worn next to your neckline.

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Proactive Factors to Consider while Branding Clothes

Today the international marketplace experiences relentless competition. Countless contemporary commodities enter the marketplace. They remain there for some time and then disappear from the market. New vogue emerges and fades out very quickly. The speedy alteration in customer’s preferences surges in their discretionary income, exposure to media, globalism.

For sustaining in the global market, it’s significant to construct a definite brand identity for his commodity in the marketplace. It’s paramount for all the garment manufacturers as apparels have a minimal short period and, the style keeps altering no and then. Brands generate immense competitive benefits for both the retailers and the manufacturers.

Significance of Branding.

For competing in the domestic and the international marketplace, a robust brand identity is essential. Some clothing manufacturers make an effort to fabricate a distinctive brand image for their commodities on the global platform.

Branded garments not only adds up a contemporary figure to your attire but also bestows something additional to your customers. It also permits them to generate consciousness about the apparel value and the brand. The ultimate utility of the commodity brand and its worth is only the amount paid by the consumers for simple and a branded apparel.

The consumer can opt for purchasing the same apparel at a lower cost from any other place without a brand label. But, the branded garments flaunt their stature to their customers with a label. The brand reputation assists in the product promotion amongst the status preferred customers.

What does a Brand incorporate?

For brand fabrication, creativity along with planned thinking is essential. Consumers never assess a commodity in all the variables during purchasing. A cognitive approach is necessary for setting up faith in the customer’s mind and assure them about its quality.

Purchasing a distinctive branded garment frequently lessens the time of search and proffer contentment.

A quality brand incorporates the following features:

●Exquisite garments signify immense quality and value to their users.
●Finite commodity distribution signifies individuality to the selective customers.
●The brand identity represents the product quality which offers contentment during the purchase of quality goods.
●The marque indicates a stature logo and satiates the customer’s self-esteem.
●Brand assists in evolving a consumer’s constancy. It develops brand trustworthiness.

Benefits of Branding.

Branding assists the marketer in converting buyers into prospects. The brand tag speaks about the enterprise’s reputation created with time. It influences the customer to make the buying decision. Branding emphasizes the product advantages and encourages customers to purchase.

The brand doesn’t signify the name and logo. Its the reliability of the customer in the product and the manufacturer.

For a clothing business, people judge the brand on several aspects. They go to the apparel website, have their distinctive outlook about the product.

Clothing Line Branding

Apparel influence all of our feelings. The Apparel Labels should ensure that the brand meets up all the expectations of the targeted users.

Merchandising Model In an Apparel Brand

Apparel Branding can be distinctive as per the selection of the merchandising models.

●E-Commerce store.
●Fashion retail markets.

You can also go to the boutique to sell your garments but, you will miss out on several ways of brand control.

Branding Strategy Elements.

As per the enterprise model, the branding strategy and planning might be dissimilar. The following three elements impact the image of your brand:

●Your conversational tone with your consumers.
●The visual advertisements, social media, and the difficulties for maintaining its consistencies.
●Your apparel packaging methods.

Wrapping Up

Do not ever think about apparel branding from your viewpoint. Visualize your brand from the targeted consumer’s perspective. All you need is proper communication.

Strengthen your strategy with the exquisite Apparels Labels branding.

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Importance of care labels

Clothing accessories labels are significant during the decision-making of the commodity and goods purchasing, especially the garment fabric. However, without the proper assistance of the precise care labels, it would not be possible to know how to take good care of the distinctive garment. As in the length of time, it might damage the fabric.

Significance Of The Elite Care Labels

If the precise clothing accessories labels are not taken care of in a suitable manner, there is a massive possibility of fabric ripping, coming apart, and finally, shrinking. Undoubtedly, most often it’s observed, if proper care is not taken for the care labels, the fabric color might mix up with the color of other clothing during washing.

However, excellent services always imparts profound customized woven labels, with the best quality. Thus there is no chance of color smudging. Instead of a conventional washer, one should always keep in mind that always prefer to dry clean from proficient and expert laundry services.

The garment tags or the care labels are sewn within the fabric, likewise, for making aware the consumers about the guidelines regarding the information about the item fostering. Above all, it’s mandatory for all verdicts of the end-user.

●Firstly, never get mislead or defrauded for the determination of the exact fabric.
●Secondly, always determine the appropriation of the fabric/garment for a definite situation.
●Thirdly, always opt for fabric with long-lastingness.
●Fourthly, it’s really important for getting notified about the fabric reaction and allergies.

Significant Information Regarding Clothing Accessories Label Incorporation.

In general, the clothing accessories labels assert the necessity of handwashing the item and carrying out a safe wash process in the washing machine. In case, it’s essential for conducting the wash process on a significant cycle which should be delicate and gentle.

Moreover, commodities like winter apparel, relaxation suits, and other comfortable apparel most often requires cleansing either by exceptional expert methods and dry cleaning with the assistance of a fabric steamer. Alternatively, submerging is not possible for certain substances for any period even if it is hot or cold water. In that case, traditional utilization of detergents for cleaning purposes.

In addition, care labels illustrate to the end-users the quantity of heat the commodity can resist. Such as, if it’s inserted in a dryer or ironing carried out to obliterate creases and wrinkles. Moreover, in most cases, the clothing labels will assert the requirement for drying out in a cooler measure. There are a plethora of fabrics for which cannot bear intense heat.

Wrap Up

The utilization of the clothing accessories labels as a definite medium for the communication of the definite information related to the fabric composition and the instructions related to its upkeep and care. In this era, Xpresa marketplace merchants and retailers utilize them for showcasing your commodity behind the level of value and quality.


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Factors To Consider While Choosing Furniture Tags

Furniture labels or tags generally identify the manufacturer, their foundation, and the material composition of the final product. In most cases, these tags or labels put into words the care instructions and flammability so that customers can rest assured and understands their purchases.

From beginning to the end, designing and detailing of furniture is nothing but an intricate form of art that very much deserves the final touch of the professionally produced custom furniture labels. This is the reason it is important to get in touch with a professional US based supplier of custom labels who will deliver not just high quality custom and woven labels but upholstery and furniture labels.

Now, let us see the factors to consider when choosing furniture labels or tags:

Look under the pillows or cushions of the upholstered furniture and there you will find the tags/levels. Understanding the note or information in the tags can save you money.

What Kind of Material is used?

Product packaging materials play a very important role in determining the correct label material. Label and sticker materials react in a different way to various product materials and their relevant surfaces. Uncoated cardboard or paper packaging is the simplest; any paper label with a lasting adhesive will certainly work fine.
On the other hand, coated paper has a waxy or smooth surface. Plastic or compressible tubing requires additional consideration; polyolefin labels are best suited for this type of packaging. For cosmetics, polypropylene laminates are recommended. The industry often innovates product packaging and materials, and must consider their use and the products sold.

The Inside

Labels can have phrases/words such as “spun polyester” or “100% “new polyurethane foam”. Such kind of tag tells what is there inside the furniture or upholstery. This has become mandatory because it has been seen that a few years ago, there used to be dishonest manufacturers who used rags, recycled mattresses and other materials that are contaminated to the upholstered furniture.

The Outside Covering of Fabric

The appearance is more worrying because this is where the stain can be seen. However, you will rarely find a label that shows the fiber content of the fabric it covers. Many fabrics are usually blended. Since furniture manufacturers choose fabrics mainly for styling rather than presentation, they do not know or are not interested in knowing the contents or description of the cover. This can cause problems for consumers who want to know the best way to care for fabrics, because each fiber is different and has its own characteristics. A cleanser that works well on Herculon sofas can cause catastrophic damage to the sofa covered with cotton rope chenille.

Cleaning Suggestion

Most of the upholstered furniture comes with labeling tag as “Cleaning Recommendations”. The label should include a description of recommended procedures for daily cleaning and maintenance. As part of this tag, you will usually find clean codes.

Please note that incorrect selection of cleaning agents or cleaning methods may result in permanent fabric damage. The cleaning advice label is designed to help you choose the correct cleaning and dyeing method to prevent bleeding, fading, shrinkage and blackening.

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Does Damask Labels elevate your Brand?

In the Post-Pandemic era, we’ve grown accustomed to wearing comfortable clothes (read: Tshirts and PJs) while staying to home. Most of us now put comfort first when making the sartorial choices while stepping out. And if our clothes can reflect comfort, the same can be expected from clothing labels as well. Seriously! I’m sure none of you like sitting through an important meeting with a strong urge to scratch your neck where the label is poking your skin. However, using damask labels in the clothing items help retain the comfort factor, not just for the body but for the brand as well. Now, let’s ponder over the importance of these types of clothing labels.

1.Intricacy and precision

Damask labels are distinguished for the precision and intricacy it provides. You can print them without actually ruining the label design or quality. The brand logos that consist of small text or signatures can be straight away done on these kinds of labels.
The fine thread lets you add plenty of colors of your choice. There’s restriction on the design formation in a damask label. You have the liberty to use a myriad of designs and styles on every damask labels. Right from a comic strip for kids’ clothing to a signature of a couturier, damask labels can be used anywhere.

2.Soft and smooth on the skin

These woven clothing labels feel smooth on the skin and the malleable texture of the labels makes everything perfect to include in the everyday wear. This is one of the prime explanations behind the huge popularity of the damask labels. You will never get any complaints about skin rashes or itchiness.
The best thing is the fabric of this kind of labels is soft that is the reason the bedding brands make wonderful bed sheets from them. People with sensitive skin

3.Neat finishing

Damask labels are tightly woven. The thin thread utilized for the weave makes the label reflect light. The thinner the thread, the fancier the label comes across. Many of the designer wear brands that produce custom clothes for red carpet events often use the damask labels.
Also, the brands that design dresses for weddings or proms prefer this type of labels as well. Opting for this kind of levels, leads to the brand’s growth and popularity. The neat finishing of the labels goes well with lightweight and soft fabrics. The damask labels make both a garment and its brand stand out in a store or even in pictures from online store catalogs.

4.Exudes a sophisticated design

Damask labels gives out a sophisticated and classy look to a piece of garment. To add to it they look amazing of high quality and plush.
For instance, if you notice a chiffon costume in a clothing store, you would certainly expect it to have an attached label with the similar fashionable feel. That’s why most renowned fashion houses focus on using damask labels only. You will find them soft and shiny and pleasing to the eyes.

5.Durability is everything

These labels are recognized for their durability. It is their tight weave that makes them ideal for enduring use. The designers sometimes stitch the damask labels right on the clothing item. And sometimes, those are pasted on the clothes too. It’s done with the assistance of a heating iron machine.


These pointers make it obvious why damask labels are a popular choice in the fashion and apparel industry. These types of woven labels exude luxury and comfort at the same time.