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The Top 5 Hang Tag Design Trends for Fashion Labels

clothing hang tags

Every small detail counts in this competitive fashion industry. The significance of hang tags is more than what you think. It goes beyond mere labels, dangling from clothes. These small pieces of fabric are much more than just displaying the prices and sizes. They help you promote your brand. Customers can understand your story and ethos through it. We are witnessing a shift with time in fashion retail. We can notice the hang tags evolving in many ways. Let it be design, texture, or purpose, clothing hang tags are in focus. In this article, we will delve into the top five hang tag design trends that make a difference in the fashion industry.

1. Sustainable Savvy

Today’s consumers are not just buying a product; they’re investing in values. Sustainability tops the list of these values. It is with an increasing number of people preferring brands that are kind to the planet. Because of this shift, fashion labels now have to use eco-friendly hang tags. Opting for materials like recycled kraft paper, and bamboo, and using soy-based inks for printing. It not only reduces environmental impact but also resonates with the eco-conscious shopper. Highlighting your brand’s sustainable practices on the tag itself reinforces your commitment to the planet. It can also influence buying decisions.

2. Minimalist Magic

Simplicity is synonymous with elegance in today’s world. There is a growing trend in minimalist hang tag designs as simplicity is the key. Your brand logo and key product information are very important. A clean, uncluttered layout with a focus on the essentials creates a sophisticated vibe. This trend, which favours a “less is more” philosophy, speaks to contemporary sensibilities. The tags won’t overshadow the product thanks to the simple design. In addition, it guarantees conformity to modern aesthetic standards while providing a classic look.

3. Tactile Textures

The sense of touch plays a crucial role in the shopping experience. Textured hang tags make the most of this. Techniques like embossing, debossing, and foil stamping add a luxurious feel to the tags. It makes them stand out. These textures invite customers to engage with the product on a tactile level. It enhances memorability and sets the stage for a lasting impression. Clothing hang tags that feel different are likely to be remembered long after the purchase. It helps the customers to keep your brand in mind.

4. Storytelling through QR Codes

QR codes have evolved from transactional tools to storytelling devices. Incorporating them into hang tags offers a unique opportunity. It is to extend the customer experience beyond the physical store. A simple scan can transport shoppers to a webpage. It highlights your brand’s story, the quality of the product’s craftsmanship, or unique content. this interactive component keeps your brand relevant while enhancing the buying experience. It helps you establish a stronger bond with your audience.

5. Personalization Power

Personalization is key to customer loyalty in today’s world. Hang tags offer a canvas for customization. With the use of variable data printing technology, brands can customize tags. It is customized for each customer through names, special messages, or unique designs. Customers feel special as they are valued and appreciated by this personalized approach. It encourages loyalty and a sense of connection. A memorable experience can be created from a simple transaction with a personalized hang tag, which promotes return business.

Double-Duty Hang Tags

Why stop at aesthetics and information when your clothing hang tags can serve a dual purpose? Designing tags that offer additional value is a trend on the rise. Think detachable coupons, plantable seed paper, or even mini-tote bags. These beneficial elements provide you with more value for your money by improving the client experience as well as extending the hang tag’s lifespan and usefulness.

Embracing these hang tag design trends allows fashion labels to make powerful brand statements. Your hang tags are not just identifiers but an integral part of your brand’s story and values. In the competitive realm of fashion retail, where every detail counts, well-designed hang tags can be a significant factor in attracting attention, telling your story, and driving sales. Remember, in the vast sea of fashion, it’s the little details like hang tags that help your brand stand out and connect with customers on a deeper level.

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Materials Matter: Choosing the Right Material for Your Hang Tags

When it comes to branding and retail, making a lasting impression is essential. Hang tags, those small but significant labels that attach to clothing, accessories and merchandise, play an important role in highlighting brand recognition and conveying information to customers. At Xpresa Labels, we understand the importance of selecting the right materials for your hang tags, and with a wide range of options and customization possibilities, we are here to help you create the perfect hang tags that not only look great but also represent your brand effectively.

Customization for your Clothing Hang Tags

When it comes to hang tags, one size doesn’t fit all, and we offer plenty of customization options to cater to your unique needs. You can order clothing hang tags in various sizes, thicknesses and finishes, allowing you to create a look that aligns perfectly with your brand. Choose between matte and glossy finishes, and select the thickness that suits your preferences. The typical hang tag thickness is 300gsm, but we offer options ranging from 250gsm to 800gsm. Keep in mind that pricing may vary with thickness, so you can choose accordingly.

At Xpresa, our customization options also extend to the attachments. Decide whether you want your hang tags with or without strings and pins, and we also offer a wide range of different colors to complement your branding. The shape of your hang tags can make a significant difference in their visual appeal. Choose from rectangular, square or round, depending on your style and branding requirements. To add an extra touch of sophistication, consider opting for embossed or debossed hang tags. These textures not only look premium but also offer a tactile experience for your customers. With Xpresa Labels, you have the flexibility to customize the dimensions of your hang tags to fit your specific needs. Whether you want them small and discreet or large and eye-catching, we’ve got you covered.

Design and Logo Integration

We understand that your hang tags are an extension of your brand, which is why we offer seamless design integration options:

Pre-Designed Templates: Choose from a range of pre-designed templates that suit your brand’s style. Customize them by selecting your preferred colors, dimensions, type of cut/fold, and quantity, and then process your order directly.

Design from Scratch: If you have a specific vision in mind, use our design button to create your label from scratch. Experiment with colors, dimensions, types of cut/fold, and other options to bring your unique vision to life. Then, simply choose your quantity and proceed with your order or request a free quote with samples.

Upload Your Logo: Already have a logo design? No problem. Click on upload to attach your logo as a .jpg, .pdf, or .png file. Customize your label’s dimensions, type of cut/fold, and other options, and then select your desired quantity. You can either make a purchase directly or receive a free quote.

Hang tags are more than just labels; they are a vital part of your brand’s identity. At Xpresa Labels, we offer an extensive array of choices, ensuring that your hang tags are not just labels but a reflection of your brand’s uniqueness and quality.

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Hang Tags: Beyond Clothing Brands

hanged tag banner2

Welcome to the world of hang tags – the small but powerful pieces that help with branding and product identification. Though hang tags are traditionally associated with clothing brands, hang tags have found their way into various industries, bringing versatility and innovation to product packaging and labeling. Hang tag makers have also come up with creative ideas to cater to the various needs of diverse industries. This blog is going to explore the major uses of hang tags beyond the realm of clothing lines. Let’s begin.

Hang Tags on Clothing Brands

Before jumping to the broader uses of hang tags, we must acknowledge the vital role these tags play in making the name of a clothing brand. Hang tag makers help clothing brands leave a long-term impact on consumers by creating unique clothing tags and labels that enhance brand identity, distinguish products and provide extra information such as size, price, and care instructions. Without customized hang tags, creating an effective brand impression would have been impossible for clothing brands.

Discovering the Versatility of Hang Tags

Now, let’s break free from the confines of clothing brands and uncover the versatility of hang tags in other industries.

1. Product Packaging and Labeling

Hang tags excel at delivering essential product information. Whether you’re selling artisanal sauces, handmade candles, or unique home decor items, a well-designed hang tag can communicate product details, highlight key features, and provide care instructions.

2. Handmade and Artisanal Products

For artisans and crafters, hang tags are a powerful tool to convey authenticity, craftsmanship, and the story behind each handmade piece. With creative designs and personalized messages, hang tags elevate the perceived value of products and foster a deeper connection with customers.

3. Accessories and Jewelry

Elevate your accessories and jewelry items with custom hang tags. These small additions can add a sense of exclusivity, convey the quality of materials used, and align with your brand aesthetics. From delicate necklaces to trendy handbags, hang tags provide an opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

4. Home Decor and Furnishings

In the world of home decor, branding, and style consistency matter. Hang tags can showcase your logo, reinforce your brand message, and even highlight your commitment to sustainable and ethically produced goods. Use them on items such as cushions, furniture, and decorative pieces to make your mark in the industry.

5. Beauty and Personal Care Products

Differentiating beauty and personal care products can be challenging in a crowded market. Hang tags offer a platform to showcase unique product benefits, highlight natural or organic ingredients, and emphasize your brand’s commitment to self-care and sustainability.

How Hang Tag Makers Simplify the Design Process

Creating eye-catching hang tags doesn’t have to be daunting. Hang tag maker tools make the design process accessible and efficient. With customizable templates, various fonts, and graphics, you can easily tailor hang tags to match your brand identity and specific product requirements. Plus, they save you time and costs compared to traditional design methods. Also, you can connect with a professional hang tag maker like us who manufactures a wide range of product tags and labels to save you time and energy.

Creative Ideas for Hang Tag Design and Execution:

Now that we’ve highlighted the versatility and convenience of hang tag maker tools, let’s explore some creative ideas to elevate your hang tag design:

  • Shapes, Sizes, and Materials

Consider unique shapes like circles or triangles to add visual interest. You can think of an out-of-the-boz design for your logo which will go on the labels. Experiment with different sizes and materials, like recycled paper or textured cardstock, to create a tactile experience that aligns with your brand image.

  • Typography and Graphics

Choose fonts and graphics that resonate with your brand personality and complement your product aesthetics. Bold and playful fonts work well for youthful brands, while elegant and sophisticated fonts enhance the appeal of luxury goods.

Wrapping up

Hang tags offer endless possibilities beyond the realm of clothing brands. By exploring their diverse applications in various industries, you can unleash the full potential of these small branding powerhouses. With the availability of professional hang tag makers, you get the freedom to experiment, customize, and create memorable hang tags that captivate customers’ attention.

So, whether you’re a designer, a small business owner, or an established brand, embrace the versatility of hang tags and let them amplify your product’s story.

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Here’s How To Make The Most Of Your Hang Tags


In today’s competitive market, standing out and capturing the customer’s attention is essential for any brand. While many people, even new companies dismiss clothing hang tags as mere price labels, they can actually be a powerful tool for strengthening your brand’s identity and making a lasting impression on the customers.

At Xpresa Labels, we specialize in creating custom labels for brands that help them enhance their overall image and gain the trust of prospective customers. With our experience and expertise, even your clothing hang tags can become an integral part of your marketing efforts and strategy. We are going to dig down to the strategies that can help you make the most of your hang tags and maximize their potential.

Strategies To Boost The Potential of Your Clothing Hang Tags

To effectively optimize your hang tags, you can easily implement the following strategies.

Connecting with the customers

The hang tags can be a great tool to connect with the customers. Use them to share your brand’s story and involve customers in the process. You can use visual sketch notes or other graphics to present your story to the customers so they can develop that emotional connection with you. You should especially use the hang tag to highlight your story if you are sourcing the products or raw materials from some tribal communities or from underprivileged people and communities.

By sharing your story through hang tags, you not only help your brand grow but also bring attention to the efforts of these communities, fostering a sense of social consciousness.

Giving Back

The hang tags can be effectively used by organizations as coupons or discount vouchers. Not just for clothing, but even for products like furniture and sports goods, the hang tags can be used as discount vouchers or coupons. Leveraging the hang tag in this manner not only helps in enhancing the sales as you create a sense of excitement and surprise that attracts customers. This also helps increase the word-of-mouth publicity for the brand.

Dual Functionality

The hang tags can be cleverly used to give customers additional information about the product. It can be a ready reference whenever they are using the product. Bi-fold hang tags are a great way to present instructions regarding the product’s usage. While the outer leaf can carry the brand’s logo and name, the inner leaf can have all the usage guidelines. Additionally, as is mostly done by jewelers, these tags can also be used to display the price and other important product information. By giving the hang tags a dual function, brands can also save on the cost of printing additional user manuals or price tags.

Seeking Expert Assistance

If you are looking to explore innovative ways to optimize your clothing hang tags, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Our experts at Xpresa Labels can provide you with guidance tailored to your specific needs. Make the most of your hang tags by connecting with our proficient clothing experts.

Parting Words

Ready to enhance your brand with eye-catching hang tags? Contact our team of professionals today and discuss your requirements to explore new and innovative ways to utilize your hang tags to the highest level. Best of luck with making a lasting impression with the hang tags. Stand out from the crowd with creative clothing tags.

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A comprehensive step by step guide to start your clothing line

The fashion industry is rapidly evolving today and the changes seen can be primarily attributed to the changing preferences of customers. Customers today are quite happy to try out new styles, designs and fabrics, which have given many new entrepreneurs the confidence to start their new clothing line.

Xpresa Labels, which is trusted by many apparel manufacturers for the highest quality labels and clothing hang tags has partnered with many fledgling brands and seen them grow into big names in the fashion industry. Garment manufacturers have always trusted Xpresa labels for the best quality products as well as guidance regarding establishing their brands. Here are some noteworthy points from the experts at Xpresa to take into account in order to start a clothing line.

Have a business plan and a strategy in place:

The very first thing that you need to start working on is establishing your brand identity. You must know whether you want to establish a clothing line that promotes sustainable clothing or one that uses recycled materials to make the fabric that will be used to make garments. Once you know what you want to promote, you must ensure coherence across the brand and everything, right from apparels to the clothing hang tags must be made of the same material that you may be promoting.

Know the Target Audience:

This is another aspect that you must take into consideration while establishing a clothing line. After establishing your brand identity you must also identify your target audience so you can accordingly market your brand.

Start designing and sourcing the products:

This is perhaps the most important aspect of starting a clothing line. Once the logistics are in place, you must start with the designing of the products. While you are designing the products, you can also start sourcing the products so you have everything ready for the manufacturing to start.

Get the manufacturing started:

After establishing the clothing line it is also important to start the manufacturing, either in-house or with the help of a partner company. If the manufacturing is to be done in-house, then setting up the unit too would be a major task that you will need to accomplish. However, if the manufacturing has to be outsourced you can simply check out their unit, work flow and quality, draw up a contract and get the work started.

Establish the pricing structure:

Nowadays with customers having so many options in front of them, only the products that are reasonably priced and whose prices can be justified by the product’s quality can remain in business. It is as such extremely important that while establishing a clothing line you fix the pricing structure with great care.

Marketing Plan:

Just like for any other product, for a clothing line too you would need a robust marketing plan. You may want to hire professionals to do the job as everything, right from the clothing hang tags to the promotional events, everything needs to highlight the brand’s USP and strengthen the brand’s image.

Test the product:

Once you have a batch ready with you, you can start with the market testing cum soft launch of your brand. You can present your product in various exhibitions and fairs and keep a tab on the customer reactions so you can later work on them to improve the products.

Once all these steps are carried out in great detail, a clothing line can be successfully launched and scaled up in order to meet the demands of customers if the brand seems to be doing well.

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Key factors to consider while designing hang tags

An effective hang tag is much more than a piece of paper that lists the size and price. These are great for showcasing your brand.


A hangtag is a small tag that hangs from an item and has information printed on one or both sides. These tags dangle from new clothing and include brand and price information. Generally, they are rectangular and square in shape.

Clothing Hangtags

It is mostly used for clothing. Retail brands tend to use them as calling cards since they embody much of the same information as business cards. Invest in a special finish or technique, since these get thrown away shortly after purchase.

Custom apparel hangs tagging: why do you need it?

●They attract attention

Retail settings allow shoppers to check out a variety of brands, often displayed close together with similar commodities. By differentiating your clothing, you will make your brand more recognizable.

●They provide a lot of information about their brands and products
A customer’s buying cycle is segregated into two parts: emotional decision, rational justification. With hang tags, you can address both considerations at the same time. The colour or material choice, the logo, or the tagline may all create feelings for customers, while the emphasized benefits can add the necessary validation to convince them to purchase.

●Adding perceived value
In addition to their tangible benefits, hangtags also add a lot of flair and oomph to your garments that clients notice. Clothing hang tags add value to apparel by enhancing the customer’s perception of its ability to meet a need and create a higher level of satisfaction than competing products. This is the foundation of luxury brands. The price is justified by the perceived value.

What kind of information do you need?

Need is a relative concept in this case. Custom relabeling requires that specific information be included. Hang tags, however, may vary as much as the garment itself. If you include your brand name, you probably won’t need any other information-which means you can decide how to present this information.

In order to increase your apparel sales, consider the questions that end-users might ask before making a purchase. How does the product differ from others in terms of features? Decide what strategies will enable you to sell your commodities, engage your consumers, and create repeat purchases. Listed below are a few things you want to incorporate.

●The brand name or logo.
●The tagline.
●About us (Brief).
●Point of contact.
●The product details.
●Call to action.
●The fabric compositions & care instructions.
●The UPC & price details.
●Featuring a photo or illustration.


The hangtag is a small tag that hangs from an object and has information printed on one or both sides. Clothing hang tags are often used as calling cards by retail brands since they hold similar information to business cards.

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Proactive Factors to Consider while Branding Clothes

Today the international marketplace experiences relentless competition. Countless contemporary commodities enter the marketplace. They remain there for some time and then disappear from the market. New vogue emerges and fades out very quickly. The speedy alteration in customer’s preferences surges in their discretionary income, exposure to media, globalism.

For sustaining in the global market, it’s significant to construct a definite brand identity for his commodity in the marketplace. It’s paramount for all the garment manufacturers as apparels have a minimal short period and, the style keeps altering no and then. Brands generate immense competitive benefits for both the retailers and the manufacturers.

Significance of Branding.

For competing in the domestic and the international marketplace, a robust brand identity is essential. Some clothing manufacturers make an effort to fabricate a distinctive brand image for their commodities on the global platform.

Branded garments not only adds up a contemporary figure to your attire but also bestows something additional to your customers. It also permits them to generate consciousness about the apparel value and the brand. The ultimate utility of the commodity brand and its worth is only the amount paid by the consumers for simple and a branded apparel.

The consumer can opt for purchasing the same apparel at a lower cost from any other place without a brand label. But, the branded garments flaunt their stature to their customers with a label. The brand reputation assists in the product promotion amongst the status preferred customers.

What does a Brand incorporate?

For brand fabrication, creativity along with planned thinking is essential. Consumers never assess a commodity in all the variables during purchasing. A cognitive approach is necessary for setting up faith in the customer’s mind and assure them about its quality.

Purchasing a distinctive branded garment frequently lessens the time of search and proffer contentment.

A quality brand incorporates the following features:

●Exquisite garments signify immense quality and value to their users.
●Finite commodity distribution signifies individuality to the selective customers.
●The brand identity represents the product quality which offers contentment during the purchase of quality goods.
●The marque indicates a stature logo and satiates the customer’s self-esteem.
●Brand assists in evolving a consumer’s constancy. It develops brand trustworthiness.

Benefits of Branding.

Branding assists the marketer in converting buyers into prospects. The brand tag speaks about the enterprise’s reputation created with time. It influences the customer to make the buying decision. Branding emphasizes the product advantages and encourages customers to purchase.

The brand doesn’t signify the name and logo. Its the reliability of the customer in the product and the manufacturer.

For a clothing business, people judge the brand on several aspects. They go to the apparel website, have their distinctive outlook about the product.

Clothing Line Branding

Apparel influence all of our feelings. The Apparel Labels should ensure that the brand meets up all the expectations of the targeted users.

Merchandising Model In an Apparel Brand

Apparel Branding can be distinctive as per the selection of the merchandising models.

●E-Commerce store.
●Fashion retail markets.

You can also go to the boutique to sell your garments but, you will miss out on several ways of brand control.

Branding Strategy Elements.

As per the enterprise model, the branding strategy and planning might be dissimilar. The following three elements impact the image of your brand:

●Your conversational tone with your consumers.
●The visual advertisements, social media, and the difficulties for maintaining its consistencies.
●Your apparel packaging methods.

Wrapping Up

Do not ever think about apparel branding from your viewpoint. Visualize your brand from the targeted consumer’s perspective. All you need is proper communication.

Strengthen your strategy with the exquisite Apparels Labels branding.

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Increase Brand Recognition With Clothing Hang Tags

Hang tags for clothing provide a great marketing opportunity and a chance to increase brand recognition. A hang tag is usually made out of card and attached to the outside of the garment using a pin or piece of string. Most people don’t realize how choosing the right hang tag can help you build your brand and market your clothing.

Clothing hang tags are printed labels designed and personalized by you. They are printed on a variety of card stocks with a choice of matte, semi-gloss, or glossy finish. There is an area for text, logo, and barcode. Hang tags have a variety of purposes and should be used to their full potential.

What’s the first thing you do when you look at an item of clothing in a store? For most people, it would be to grab the hang tag to check for the size or price. A clothing hang tag has great importance on any garment and, although it is removed before the garment is worn, a huge focus should be put into the content of the label. Think of your hang tag as a business card. Your customer takes this home, so you have a great opportunity to stay in touch. Add details such as your logo, brand, website, and business contact details. Add key product details such as the price and garment size so people can find them easily.

Think about the design of your clothing hang tag it as it is of great importance in order to be as effective as possible. When your garment is hung on a clothing rack you need your brand to stand out and become recognizable. You can increase brand exposure considerably by adding clothing hang tags that customers will notice with just a glance when scanning through clothing.  A unique design will catch people’s eye and draw them towards your garments. Create a quirky design that catches the eye and represents the target audience of your clothing line.

Choose a shape that is not the standard rectangle or square. For example, if your clothing line focuses on children’s wear, you could create clothing hang tags in the shape of a teddy bear. This will stand out much more and will tie in with the theme of your brand. Be as bold and unique as you like with your hang tag; this is the key to make people remember your brand.

The tag should be made to a high-standard. You don’t want the tag to rip easily and look untidy on your clothing, or you may sacrifice important information you want to get across if the tag is easily damaged. Ensure your tag adds quality to your clothing and looks tidy and professional.

Keep you hang tag design simple, but informative. Take the opportunity to give your customers all the information they need to make future purchases with ease. Don’t think of your hang tag as throwaway item, think of the tag as a marketing opportunity that should not be missed. Create unique hang tags online and receive a free quote by following just a few simple steps.

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Things You Need To Know About Clothing Hang Tags For Your Clothing Business

You may have enjoyed making your own custom clothing designs for a while and may have had a fair few compliment along the way, but there are certain expectations when it comes to a professional clothing business, so you must think of the next stage. When customers see your garments on the rail they expect to see clear labels displaying everything they need to know. They will automatically look for a hang tag, and will bypass your clothing on the rail if they can’t easily find the tag.

Take into account how informative and eye-catching your clothing tag is when you begin the design. It needs to stand out, but also must show information, such as clothing size, your logo, and website. Clothing hang tags are attached to the product you are selling, so offer the use of a business card too. This is your opportunity to inspire interest in your clothing brand, so take the chance to show off your logo, add a catchphrase, and your web address. The most unique labels will be memorable. If customers show interest in your products or even make a purchase, the hang tag can show them where to get more if you add your web address. A hang tag should never be just an afterthought; remember, this goes home with them.

You will need to think about the essential information you give to the label manufacturer. Decide carefully on the shape you choose. If possible think of a theme that suits your garments and is unique. The label size must be in proportion with the garment it’s being attached to. If it is too small it may get lost in the garment and if it’s too big it will look out of place. Choose your colors carefully and make sure essential information and your logo stand out against the background. Your logo should be loud and proud on the tag as the most important addition. The logo could cover a whole side with the details about the product on the flip side. Don’t go overboard as you don’t want the tag to look cluttered.

Once you have your clothing hang tags and garments ready you’re good to go. You have created your clothing brand and are ready to move forward. Gather opinions and feedback on what others think of your designs. This can be opinions of your clothing and also your hang tag. Ask people within your target audience what they think. Ironing out any small details that may not be right must be done before you go into full-scale production. Take some time on this and to reflect on any information you gather. Others may notice small things that you haven’t picked up on, or even help you towards other fantastic ideas.

Labels are created by an experienced team that specializes in ensuring the finished product is high quality. Take time to make sure your clothing label designs are up to scratch, take advantage of a free sample of your design, and make the best impression to your customers.

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Tips To Create The Best Clothing Hang Tag To Compliment Your Brand

A hang tag has a bigger purpose than just displaying the cost of the item of clothing; it can influence the customer’s decision to buy. The tag needs to compliment your brand and, done correctly, can add a touch of class whilst increasing the likeliness of a positive first impression when your products are viewed by potential customers. You must put great thought into the design of your tag, if it looks cheap and tacky it will only be of bad influence to the perception of your customer.
Use your tag to improve your brand and stand out above the competition.

Target audience

You want your tag to compliment your brand and catch the eye of your target audience. If your clothing line consists of elegant attire, then the clothing hang tag should reflect this. If you specialize in children’s clothing, then go for bright / eye-catching color schemes to give a fun feel when your customers see your brand on the clothing.

Add your brand or logo

When a customer picks up your garment they need to know clearly who has made it. Add your brand or logo clearly to increase brand recognition and build a relationship with your customers. When they see your brand elsewhere they are likely to recognize it, so you can use this opportunity to build trust with your customers as they will get to know what your brand has to offer. They are more likely to purchase from your clothing line in the future if they recognize who you are. Ensure the brand or logo is prominent on the tag, they shouldn’t have to search for it: it must stand out.

Contact Information

Incorporate contact information, such as social media, telephone, or email. This clothing hang tag will go home on the clothing with your customer, so you have the perfect opportunity to encourage them to stay in touch. You can add your website to entice them to make further purchases. Once they are there on your website you have a million opportunities to continue your journey with them and create a loyal customer.

Any other relevant information

Of course, the price is essential; it should be prominent and not surrounded by too much distracting information. Add the garment size as this is often where a customer will look for information and get a glimpse of your brand at the same time. Special care instructions, such as ‘do not dry tumble dry’ or ‘wash separately’ can be added here if required, but you can leave that to the care label if you already have too much information to add.

Although there is a lot of information to add, don’t clutter the hang tag too much. A minimalist look is effective as opposed to overloading your customers with information, so only add in what you really need. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from friends and relatives. Take your time to gather as many different opinions as possible these opinions may give you inspiration. Don’t rush with your design, the more time it takes to design your tag; the more effective it will be in getting your brand recognized.