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Things You Need To Know About Clothing Hang Tags For Your Clothing Business

You may have enjoyed making your own custom clothing designs for a while and may have had a fair few compliment along the way, but there are certain expectations when it comes to a professional clothing business, so you must think of the next stage. When customers see your garments on the rail they expect to see clear labels displaying everything they need to know. They will automatically look for a hang tag, and will bypass your clothing on the rail if they can’t easily find the tag.

Take into account how informative and eye-catching your clothing tag is when you begin the design. It needs to stand out, but also must show information, such as clothing size, your logo, and website. Clothing hang tags are attached to the product you are selling, so offer the use of a business card too. This is your opportunity to inspire interest in your clothing brand, so take the chance to show off your logo, add a catchphrase, and your web address. The most unique labels will be memorable. If customers show interest in your products or even make a purchase, the hang tag can show them where to get more if you add your web address. A hang tag should never be just an afterthought; remember, this goes home with them.

You will need to think about the essential information you give to the label manufacturer. Decide carefully on the shape you choose. If possible think of a theme that suits your garments and is unique. The label size must be in proportion with the garment it’s being attached to. If it is too small it may get lost in the garment and if it’s too big it will look out of place. Choose your colors carefully and make sure essential information and your logo stand out against the background. Your logo should be loud and proud on the tag as the most important addition. The logo could cover a whole side with the details about the product on the flip side. Don’t go overboard as you don’t want the tag to look cluttered.

Once you have your clothing hang tags and garments ready you’re good to go. You have created your clothing brand and are ready to move forward. Gather opinions and feedback on what others think of your designs. This can be opinions of your clothing and also your hang tag. Ask people within your target audience what they think. Ironing out any small details that may not be right must be done before you go into full-scale production. Take some time on this and to reflect on any information you gather. Others may notice small things that you haven’t picked up on, or even help you towards other fantastic ideas.

Labels are created by an experienced team that specializes in ensuring the finished product is high quality. Take time to make sure your clothing label designs are up to scratch, take advantage of a free sample of your design, and make the best impression to your customers.

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Tips To Create The Best Clothing Hang Tag To Compliment Your Brand

A hang tag has a bigger purpose than just displaying the cost of the item of clothing; it can influence the customer’s decision to buy. The tag needs to compliment your brand and, done correctly, can add a touch of class whilst increasing the likeliness of a positive first impression when your products are viewed by potential customers. You must put great thought into the design of your tag, if it looks cheap and tacky it will only be of bad influence to the perception of your customer.
Use your tag to improve your brand and stand out above the competition.

Target audience

You want your tag to compliment your brand and catch the eye of your target audience. If your clothing line consists of elegant attire, then the clothing hang tag should reflect this. If you specialize in children’s clothing, then go for bright / eye-catching color schemes to give a fun feel when your customers see your brand on the clothing.

Add your brand or logo

When a customer picks up your garment they need to know clearly who has made it. Add your brand or logo clearly to increase brand recognition and build a relationship with your customers. When they see your brand elsewhere they are likely to recognize it, so you can use this opportunity to build trust with your customers as they will get to know what your brand has to offer. They are more likely to purchase from your clothing line in the future if they recognize who you are. Ensure the brand or logo is prominent on the tag, they shouldn’t have to search for it: it must stand out.

Contact Information

Incorporate contact information, such as social media, telephone, or email. This clothing hang tag will go home on the clothing with your customer, so you have the perfect opportunity to encourage them to stay in touch. You can add your website to entice them to make further purchases. Once they are there on your website you have a million opportunities to continue your journey with them and create a loyal customer.

Any other relevant information

Of course, the price is essential; it should be prominent and not surrounded by too much distracting information. Add the garment size as this is often where a customer will look for information and get a glimpse of your brand at the same time. Special care instructions, such as ‘do not dry tumble dry’ or ‘wash separately’ can be added here if required, but you can leave that to the care label if you already have too much information to add.

Although there is a lot of information to add, don’t clutter the hang tag too much. A minimalist look is effective as opposed to overloading your customers with information, so only add in what you really need. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from friends and relatives. Take your time to gather as many different opinions as possible these opinions may give you inspiration. Don’t rush with your design, the more time it takes to design your tag; the more effective it will be in getting your brand recognized.

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