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5 Ways to Successfully Launch a Menswear Brand

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Owing to technological advances, it’s become fairly easier to reach out to people and present our thoughts and ideas. And for the same reason, it’s become very convenient for people to launch new products and market them successfully.

The fashion industry is making the most of these opportunities and many people are coming up with their new clothing lines. Xpresa Labels has partnered with many such start-ups and has been a part of their success story. The bespoke damask labels for clothing brands that Xpresa Labels designs and manufactures have become a staple with many such clothing lines that started small but made it big in the fashion industry.

And based on the experience that the experts at Xpresa have had with new brands, here’s more on how to successfully launch a menswear brand – a guide on how to kick-start your business.

1. Identify the need and the niche

When you are newly launching a product, you have to have a focused approach to create something that solves a problem or fills a gap. You should, thus, study and analyze the niche very closely and create your product based on market trends.

In the case of menswear, you should try to find out whether your vision of the product fits in with the demand for casual, work wear, or active wear. Based on this analysis you can start your fashion line and establish your brand in a certain domain. You should also highlight and market the USP of your product based on this study.

2. Create a robust plan for manufacturing

Simply launching a brand or conceptualizing a product is not enough, its production and the complete supply chain management also need to be taken into account.

People planning to launch a fashion brand should have a robust manufacturing unit or a partner whom they can always trust for uninterrupted production. In fact, not just for the products, it is important to have a reliable manufacturing partner or vendor even for the labels and other clothing accessories which form an important role to give the products the desired finesse. Xpresa Labels is one such trusted label manufacturer that continues to partner with many successful brands to supply woven damask labels for clothing.

3. Keep a tab on the costs

Along with creativity and passion for your products, you also need strong business acumen to make your menswear brand successful, finance-wise.

The first thing that you must remember while launching a product is profitability. You should thus be able to analyze the costs and optimize every aspect of production in order to generate maximum revenue. You must know how to determine the sale price of a product after factoring in all the aspects like taxes, logistics, packaging, and more.

4. Be quick to adapt

Even though you may want to launch your menswear brand with a certain vision in mind, you have to be ready for the fact that your vision may not be in alignment with the customer’s expectations. You should, therefore, always be ready to make quick changes and adapt as per the customer’s needs while keeping the essence of your brand intact if you want to make your menswear brand popular.

5. Execute meticulously

After having created your product line you must start promoting it well. You should have a proper strategy in place for branding and marketing. At this stage, you could always use the expertise of experienced label makers like Xpresa Labels to help with the product labels and tags so they can contribute to the marketing and branding efforts.

You should also use suitable offline & online marketing techniques to reach out to the maximum number of your target customers.

Having said that, we wish you the best of luck with your upcoming venture.

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Here’s How To Make The Most Of Your Hang Tags


In today’s competitive market, standing out and capturing the customer’s attention is essential for any brand. While many people, even new companies dismiss clothing hang tags as mere price labels, they can actually be a powerful tool for strengthening your brand’s identity and making a lasting impression on the customers.

At Xpresa Labels, we specialize in creating custom labels for brands that help them enhance their overall image and gain the trust of prospective customers. With our experience and expertise, even your clothing hang tags can become an integral part of your marketing efforts and strategy. We are going to dig down to the strategies that can help you make the most of your hang tags and maximize their potential.

Strategies To Boost The Potential of Your Clothing Hang Tags

To effectively optimize your hang tags, you can easily implement the following strategies.

Connecting with the customers

The hang tags can be a great tool to connect with the customers. Use them to share your brand’s story and involve customers in the process. You can use visual sketch notes or other graphics to present your story to the customers so they can develop that emotional connection with you. You should especially use the hang tag to highlight your story if you are sourcing the products or raw materials from some tribal communities or from underprivileged people and communities.

By sharing your story through hang tags, you not only help your brand grow but also bring attention to the efforts of these communities, fostering a sense of social consciousness.

Giving Back

The hang tags can be effectively used by organizations as coupons or discount vouchers. Not just for clothing, but even for products like furniture and sports goods, the hang tags can be used as discount vouchers or coupons. Leveraging the hang tag in this manner not only helps in enhancing the sales as you create a sense of excitement and surprise that attracts customers. This also helps increase the word-of-mouth publicity for the brand.

Dual Functionality

The hang tags can be cleverly used to give customers additional information about the product. It can be a ready reference whenever they are using the product. Bi-fold hang tags are a great way to present instructions regarding the product’s usage. While the outer leaf can carry the brand’s logo and name, the inner leaf can have all the usage guidelines. Additionally, as is mostly done by jewelers, these tags can also be used to display the price and other important product information. By giving the hang tags a dual function, brands can also save on the cost of printing additional user manuals or price tags.

Seeking Expert Assistance

If you are looking to explore innovative ways to optimize your clothing hang tags, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Our experts at Xpresa Labels can provide you with guidance tailored to your specific needs. Make the most of your hang tags by connecting with our proficient clothing experts.

Parting Words

Ready to enhance your brand with eye-catching hang tags? Contact our team of professionals today and discuss your requirements to explore new and innovative ways to utilize your hang tags to the highest level. Best of luck with making a lasting impression with the hang tags. Stand out from the crowd with creative clothing tags.

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Guide to Make the Best Labels for Your Custom Made Shoe Brand

Creating a customizable product and then marketing it well takes a lot of effort and an entrepreneur has to put in his/her best to make the brand stand out. Right from the designing to the last mile delivery, everything related to the brand has to be perfect and lead to that wow experience in order to retain that competitive edge.

On similar lines, a well-managed custom made shoe brand can do really well if it is marketed well as people are always on the lookout for such products. If your label stands out and is on top of the customer’s mind whenever they need a custom made shoe, your business is sure to become profitable in no time.

Xpresa Labels, with its years of experience in making custom woven labels has partnered with many such upcoming brands and created eye-catching labels that have given the brands a competitive edge. Experts at Xpresa Labels analyze the design and material requirements of the brand very carefully and then proceed with making the custom woven labels. This kind of attention to detail ensures that the labels complement the product very well. While experts at Xpresa Labels wonderfully take care of the manufacturing part for your labels, here’s how you can go about making one that stands out.

Design the Logo carefully:

The imagery you choose for your logo should clearly depict the central theme of your brand. For instance, if you are making slip-ons out of recycled materials that you collect from the beach and even adorning them with sea-shells and other such natural embellishments, you must have a logo that depicts the same. And since the logo is going to be on the shoes, it should not look too complicated and difficult to understand. Just remember to make it unique and the label will surely stand out.

Make strategic use of white space and space out the lettering:

For a shoe label to stand out, you have to make intelligent use of the white space. There has to be enough space between the lettering to make every piece of information clearly visible. This will enhance the readability of your label and make your label and brand stand out. The label should not look too cramped and if need be you can even add two labels and segregate the information. Besides, you may also have to put two separate labels on the shoe in order to add the required information. You can add one to the inside of the tongue which can have all the care information, batch number, manufacturer’s details etc. and one to the strobe with just the brand’s logo. If you are designing an open heel shoe then you may want to add on a separate hang tag in the shoe bag with all the care information.

Pick the material of the label carefully:

Before you place the order for manufacturing your labels in large quantities, you must carefully select the material that is to be used to make the label. Ideally, for custom made shoes you must use materials like satin or other soft fabric so they do not bruise the skin or lead to allergic reactions.

With little attention to detail and meticulous planning, you can always create a label that stands out and creates a unique value proposition for your custom shoe brand. If you partner with an experienced label maker like Xpresa Label creating a unique custom woven label that would complement your custom made shoe brand would never be an issue at all.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Ordering Custom Clothing Label

Whenever an entrepreneur creates a product and starts thinking about a strategy to market the same, the first thing that comes to mind is the logo and the branding. At this stage, most entrepreneurs try to run the show single handedly but often land up making grave mistakes due to lack of experience and knowledge of this domain.

Since its inception in 2002, Xpresa Labels has partnered with many such organizations and given valuable inputs regarding branding, logo designing and label making. With the help of the experts at Xpresa Labels, many upcoming fashion brands have been able to make garment labels that stand out and give their brand a competitive edge. However, since not all entrepreneurs are proactive about seeking professional help, mistakes continue to happen. And here’s more on the common mistakes that entrepreneurs must avoid while ordering custom clothing labels.

Issues with the artwork and design:

Many entrepreneurs do not get the logo designed by a professional which often leads to issues with the branding. Hiring a professional designer to make the artwork is perhaps the first step in the whole designing and branding process. The artwork should be clear and use the right color combination. The lettering should be clear and evenly spaced out so it is clearly visible. And above all is sending a good quality and high resolution image of the logo to the label maker. Many entrepreneurs tend to make a mistake at this stage as they send screenshots or low quality pictures of the logo to the label maker which eventually leads to a lot of issues while making the label. Entrepreneurs should thus remember to send only high resolution images of the artwork to the label maker while ordering custom clothing labels. Entrepreneurs should also ensure that the artwork is copyright free so the same can be used in making garment labels without any legal hassles.

Issues with the kind of label ordered:

Before ordering a custom clothing label, every entrepreneur must keep the lifecycle and use of their product in mind. If these aspects are kept in mind, chances of going wrong with the material quality will automatically come down. The label maker must be made aware if the product that the label will be attached to will be subjected to extreme temperature conditions or rough handling. They should also be made aware if the label being made is for kid’s clothing. Label makers can give their suggestions regarding the material to be used based on these inputs. While ordering custom clothing labels, most manufacturers make the mistake of opting for the cheapest material but that is never the right approach as a material that is cheap may not be ideal for the product you are ordering for. Besides, you should also remember to take the environmental impact of the material you intend to use for the label into consideration.

Issues with selecting the right label maker:

Many a times, apparel designers and manufacturers make the mistake of ordering custom clothing labels from companies that do not have much experience in making labels. If the label maker does not have the required expertise and experience in making labels, they may not be able to execute the job with perfection. And shabby looking labels made on the wrong fabric can drastically impact the brand’s reputation and create a bad impression in the minds of the target customers.

Thus, every entrepreneur looking to make his/her brand big must pay close attention to the designing and manufacturing of the labels as they go a long way in creating a lasting impression on the minds of the customers.

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Key Strategies to Market a Luxury Furniture Brand

In order to build a profitable luxury furniture brand, the manufacturers have to carefully strategize their presentation. Since there is a premium price attached to luxury furniture, the makers have to be very careful with presenting the brand in front of the right set of people who will value the products.

Every luxury furniture maker thus needs to have a good marketing strategy in order to build a profitable brand. And here are some key strategies that can be immensely helpful.

Understand the buyers:

Before marketing your luxury furniture brand you would need to understand your target audience and their taste and preferences. If you are dealing in one specific kind of furniture, you will need to understand the preferences of your target customers as well as the best price point at which most of your furniture pieces can sell. If you are dealing in all kinds of furniture, you will have to devise a marketing strategy to present only the relevant pieces to different sets of customer categories based on their preferences and purchasing power.

Work on the presentation of the product:

If you want to market your luxury furniture well, you will have to ensure that the presentation is also equally good. Every aspect of the product, right from the finishing to the furniture tags, everything must be up to the mark and complement the product.

Xpresa Labels which has years of expertise in making quality furniture labels works with many luxury furniture makers to make quality furniture tags that complement the brand and enhance its overall appeal. Right from the brand info to information related to the make, material and size of the furniture, everything is tactfully presented in these labels without making them look too cluttered. If you opt for premium furniture labels made by Xpresa Labels for your luxury furniture brand, you can rest assured about getting excellent opportunities to expand your customer base.

Work on experience management:

Buying luxury furniture involves a huge amount of investment as well as a long term association with the brand. Every luxury furniture brand must thus try to work on experience management and ensure that the customers feel valued. Also, you should have excellent pre and post sales support to ensure that the customers do not face any issues with the product. Besides, you have to constantly maintain customer engagement in order to make them feel valued and privileged to be associated with the brand. Every message you send out to the customers must be tailored as per their needs and not just be a part of any bulk messaging campaign. Besides, existing customers should be given the first privilege to review exclusive designs and new launches along with special offers on making repeat purchases. These efforts immensely help in increasing the revenue prospects of the brand.

Leverage the Power of Social Media:

Social media is perhaps the most effective marketing tool available today. You must leverage the power of social media to market your luxury furniture. You should collaborate with top rated influencers to showcase your products and highlight your brand on various social media channels. These efforts will also ensure that whenever your target customers want to buy luxury furniture, your label is always in front of their eyes.

Create a good e-commerce website:

In order to ensure that you can reach out to more of your target customers, you must create a robust e-commerce website. With a strong online and offline presence you can easily become the preferred brand for shoppers who prefer buying such products online over going to physical stores.

Therefore, in order to market your luxury furniture brand, you have to ensure that your label pops up in the minds of your target customers whenever they think of buying luxury furniture. And in order to ensure this you have to keep reinventing your marketing strategy and be flexible to adapt to the changing trends and demands.

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Overview on Toy Packaging Requirements and Standards

Companies manufacturing children’s toys need to be very careful about the packaging of the products, so children are in no way harmed from them. Toy manufacturing companies as such need to adhere to strict guidelines regarding the packaging and labeling of toys.

Common Toy Labeling Requirements

Toy manufacturing companies have to be proactive about labeling their toys accurately. Toys with labels providing explicit information about how to use the product as well as the material used in making the product helps parents make the right buying decisions.

Xpresa Labels which is one of the foremost woven labels manufacturers works closely with many toy makers to make such high-quality labels. With their vast knowledge and industry experience, they not only make custom labels, also help new toy makers and entrepreneurs adhere to the guidelines related to labeling of toys.

Whether it is a woven labels manufacturer or a printed label manufacturer, anyone manufacturing labels for toys usually has to include the following information in the labels:

  • The location where the product has been manufactured
  • The date of production
  • The manufacturer’s name
  • Identifying specifications such as batch and model number
  • All relevant details related to sourcing of the product or the raw material used in making the same.

Toy Packaging Requirements

For a toy to reach the end-customer in pristine condition it is important to ensure that the same is packaged very carefully. Even though for most products, the package is ripped apart and thrown away in no time, companies cannot ignore the need for good packaging if they want their product to sell. Good packaging not only keeps the product safe and ensures it reaches the end customer intact; it also increases the brand’s worth. By ensuring that the following three guidelines are met while packaging a toy, manufacturers can easily score well on this parameter.

  • The Packaging should have all relevant information regarding the toy. Information on the package like age range, number of pieces present, operating requirements etc. is always appreciated.
  • The material used in packaging should be of the highest quality and nothing that is deemed unsafe for children should be used. It is even better if the material used is sustainable.
  • The packaging should also be compatible to the design of the product. With a proper compartmentalized packaging, the product will sit tightly and will be safe during transit too.
  • The packaging should enhance the overall appeal of the product. It is even better if the manufacturer can add a surprise element with the packaging of the product. *Another very important thing that has come up in several researches is that the package should be fairly easy to open and no tools should be required to open the same.

Since toys can be made of a host of different materials like wood, plastic, fabric, foam etc. the packaging and labeling requirements for each is different. For instance while in case of wooden or plastic toys, simple printed labels on the package are usually good enough, for soft toys woven labels attached to the side are mostly preferred by reputed brands.

With good packaging and proper labeling, toy manufacturers can easily pass all safety checks conducted by various government agencies. Additionally, by showcasing their attention to detail, toy manufacturers can also win the trust of customers and increase their sales. As such, every toy manufacturer must put in their best efforts in packaging and labeling the toy.