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Woven Labels: Features and Uses

Author: Maggie Smith
Posted on: October 26, 2016

Nowadays, the urge to be at the top has become prominent for all the companies in the industry. And labeling is one of the unique and signature ways to establish an identity in the market. Now, labeling has become indispensable to a brand’s presence and also makes a place for the company to stand out in the competition. We all know that there are many brands in the market but, how do they differ from each other? Well, labeling forms the basis which helps a brand to get recognition in the industry. A label is a piece of cloth that contains the brand name, the size of the attire, the manufacturing place and other important information. So, it is indeed a significant factor for the companies in the industry.

And now, the labeling has become so essential for any company irrespective of its potential that from the international to national and local brands have their labels. So, needless to say, that labeling is vital for a brand’s name and also helps one to stand at par with the other competitors in the industry. Now, there are different types of labels ranging from printed, embroidered to woven labels and much more. Out of which woven label is the most popular one for its unique features and usage. So, to know about its uniqueness, keep reading below:

  • Longevity – This is one of the most important factors that steal the show for all the labels. Now, when you’re looking for labeling, you’ll, of course, look for something that will stay for long as that will be the signature of your company. And woven label is the one that can withstand harsh handling. And this is only possible because it’s knitted on a piece of cloth and not printed or embroidered that it will wither or get spoiled with time. So, if you’re looking for something that will last for many days, then opt for the woven label.
  • Texture – Now, this is the second most vital factor for the labels. The texture used for labeling of your brand should be considered first. This is because if the texture is not of a good quality, it will soon be damaged due to daily handling, washing and rough usage. And the woven label is generally of a supreme quality that stays attached to a piece of attire for a longer period. So, in a word, you can say that the longevity depends on the texture of the label.
  • Personal touch – And last but not the least, a woven label is the perfect way to add a personal touch to the items. The woven label generally consists of the general information along with other messages if you’re interested in giving a personal flavor to the item. So, the woven label is the perfect choice for all the other information.

If you read the above-mentioned features and uses, you’ll be able to gauge the versatility of woven labels out of the many. So, what is your choice?

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Why Your Brand Needs Care and Content Labels

When a customer is about to buy a product, most of them search for information on how to take care of the products. Many opt out of buying the product if they don’t find the guidelines. This is where care labels come into the picture. Care and content labels play a big role in influencing the purchasing decision of the consumers. It is also necessary to educate the customer on how to make the product more durable.

Different types of care labels

Woven care labels: This type of label has the care information woven in high quality thread in a loom. This assures durability even after frequent washes.
Printed labels: Printed care labels are more affordable and are always high in demand. Printed care labels use high quality ink and are usually available in matte, semi-glossy, and glossy finish.
Satin care labels: Satin care labels are polyester based and can be woven or printed. These care labels can be ideally used for any items that are susceptible to harsh conditions.
Adhesive care labels: Also known as pressure sensitive labels, adhesive care labels might not be recommended for garment labels but can be an excellent choice for items like furniture, Industrial products, Bottles, Glassware, Medical Products, Promotional items, and others.

Different types of Care label symbols

Washing instruction: Some brands use symbols to represent washing instruction of garment products while some brands depict step by step instruction. Symbols are used to illustrate if the product should be machine washed, normal washed, hand washed or ‘Do not wash’.
Drying instruction: Drying instruction is also necessary for the durability of the product. Generally, an enclosed circle is used to depict different types of drying instructions. ‘Tumble dry normal’, ‘tumble dry gentle’, ‘tumble dry with permanent press’, etc are some of the common drying instructions.
Bleaching instruction: Bleaching instruction can be deciphered with the help of a triangular symbol. So if a triangle has a cross (X sign), it means the product should not be used for bleaching. Other instructions include ‘Bleach when needed’, and ‘Non chlorine bleach when needed’.
Ironing instruction: A miniature iron symbol is used to depict different forms of ironing guidance. ‘Steam or Dry iron’, ‘Do not steam’, ‘Do not iron’ are general ironing instructions.
Dry cleaning: A simple circle mean ‘Dry Clean’; a circle with A means ‘Dry-clean any solvent’; a circle with F means ‘Dry clean Petroleum solvent only’; a circle with P means ‘Dry clean any solvent except Trichloroethylene’; a circle with a big X on it means ‘Do not Dry-clean’.
Temperature indicators: A single black dot means ‘Cold/low heat’; Double black dot means ‘Warm/medium heat’; Triple black dot means ‘Hot/high heat’.

Care labels also mention the material/materials used in the product, percentage of materials, country of origin, etc.

Now that you know the importance of care and content labels for your brand, you can prep up to create high-quality care and content labels with Xpresa Labels. View the samples and request for an instant quote now!

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Woven labels – the hidden tapestry in your garment

You might never think about the label in your garment, until you feel it against your skin for some reason. Perhaps you have never considered that a lot of thought goes into the mini tapestry on your garment that shows you which way is the back.

The purpose

Labels are a way for a company to show you that they have produced an item. They put their logo on the label and place it in the garment as a subtle kind of “advertising”. Some labels are simple, but others might include contact details or other information on it.

What is the difference between woven and printed labels?

Printed labels are very often screen printed on top of a piece of fabric or ribbon with a durable ink. Generally, they are cheaper to produce, but they do not give the same air of professionalism that a woven label gives. The printing is also likely to fade over time if the quality is not very good.

Ultimately, wovens win the contest hands down. They look more elegant and are far more durable than printed labels. The only downside is that they are slightly more expensive and you generally have to order a high quantity at a time.

Different kinds of woven labels.

The thread and quality of the weave is of utmost importance considering that the label is made with durability in mind. Depending on the client’s requirements, the labels are woven in different ways.

High definition labels

To achieve a very defined visual effect, the thread count needs to be very high. That means that there is a very high amount of threads running vertically and horizontally across the weave per square inch measured. It leaves you with a very clear design and the label is likely to wear extremely well.

Woven damask

These labels are used for intricate, complex designs. The quality is unquestionable, as the weave is done with a soft thread that creates a beautiful design through the warp.

Satin labels

As you can imagine, this is a label that has a satin smooth finish. It is made from polyester and is created using a needle or broadloom. The texture is fine and has a slight sheen.

Taffeta labels

These labels tend to be more cost effective than satin or damask labels. This is because it is woven onto a polyester backing or base. These labels obviously dry very quickly, but are not suitable if the label is going to be against the skin. Besides their reasonable pricing, they are also super durable when exposed to the elements.

Choosing the best woven label

This decision will be entirely up to your budget, what you will be using the label for and the type of garment you will be adding the label to. Generally speaking, label companies such as have expert staff members on hand to answer your questions and to advise you on which label is most appropriate for your application. Make sure to find a supplier that only uses the best quality raw materials.

If you find a good supplier that focuses on quality and customer service, you are bound to be very satisfied that you have chosen a durable label to make your product look more professional.

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Woven Damask Labels for Effective Clothes Branding

Posted on: Mar 15, 2016

Damask is touted to be a high end woven clothing label with intricate and fine details that is always pleasing to the eyes. The materials used to make woven damask labels are extremely soft and that is the main reason it is considered to be the standard label commonly used on clothes. Woven labels are the current favorite among buyers and that is why entrepreneurs are focusing on using woven damask labels on their clothes. These labels might be the current favorite and the preference for all, but these labels are not appropriate for all clothes type. Like for instance, damask woven labels are not suited for baby clothes. In case of baby clothes satin labels are best suited because the soft texture is best suited for a child’s sensitive skin.

Woven damask labels are mostly used for high-end fashion clothes because they add to the visual appeal. Interestingly, the labels also help in branding your clothes and in establishing a connect with the target buyers. Let us find out the brand connect that woven damask labels create.

  • Distinct Identity – Damask woven labels have their distinct identity and it is important for the clothes store to maintain an identity. Having these labels help you maintain that individual identity. A clothes brand always starts with a vision and it is important for products to be an extension of that vision. Clothes labels and the apparels should be at par with this vision.
  • Consistency in Label Designs – The label designs need to have a certain flow and consistency in terms of look, quality and the overall design. Damask labels have a certain visual appeal which is good. It is important for label designers to enhance the visual appeal of the labels by coming up with great designs.
  • Polarized Target Audience – Polarizing your brand is very important and it is important for a clothes brand to take a stand in the market. It is mandatory to remember that you cannot please everyone in the market. So, make sure your products are a reflection of a certain section of the people. Damask woven labels will help in polarizing your target buyers effectively.
  • High-End Fashion – Woven damask labels have a class of their own and that is high-end fashion. So, when using these labels, it is important to have the clothes equally attractive and a reflection of high street fashion. Make sure that the clothes are trendy and they appeal to that section of the consumer market.

Branding is an effective tool to grab attention, but at the end of the day it is important to offer best quality clothes. Woven damask labels add to the visual appeal and maintain high quality. It is important for target buyers to take note of the good quality clothes that a clothes store offers and that is possible with the help of effective branding.

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Brand Clothing Labels For Your Work wear

Giving your employees branded clothing for work wear will immediately create a professional business image. Uniforms that display your business logo, brand, and color scheme not only look great, but have a lot of benefits and solutions in the workplace. If you’re looking at adding your brand to your work wear, here is everything you need to know.
Giving your employees a uniform to wear has many purposes. The same clothing will unite your team and help them to maintain a professional image while wearing the uniform.

Without a uniform the dress code can always become somewhat of a pain. Everyone has a different idea of formal and informal dress making it hard decision of what to wear every day for employees whilst trying to adhere to the companies suitable dress code. Branded clothing labels for work wear allow your employees to know exactly what to wear everyday and avoid the risk of employees wearing inappropriate clothing or something too casual. It’s great for the team, as they don’t have to figure out what to wear every day and don’t have to foot the bill for new clothing that is appropriate for work.

Wearing a uniform looks so much more professional in the eyes of a customer as opposed to employees wearing mismatched own clothing. If a customer needs a hand with something, it’s really inappropriate to leave them guessing who is a fellow customer and who works in the business. A uniform allows customers to easily identify who works in the business and approach them with ease. A uniform is an identification tool and also builds trust with your customers that your team are there to carry out the job at hand.

Brand clothing labels help you to build on your company brand and image. Giving your employees a unique identity will show your customers you’re not just an amateur; you are a well-established business that is organised, well-presented, and professional. Branded clothing is about expressing the unique identity of your business and ensuring employees stand out as the face of the business. Having your brand easily visible on your employees clothing will encourage customers to easily recognize your brand in the future.

Offering your employees a uniform doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. Adding brand clothing labels to suitable clothing is sufficient enough for you to benefit from the cost. A brand label is usually a small piece of fabric to represents your business using a logo or business name. Use the logo to represent your business and ensure you are easily identifiable by adding your unique identity and design.

Woven labels are the most popular choice for branded clothing solutions. The method and thread used allows fine detail to be clearly displayed. Woven labels are durable and cost effective as they will withstand the regular washing that a uniform requires. For work wear, you must choose a durable and high quality label to portray the professional image that you’re looking for as choosing something low quality won’t represent your business in the way that you wish. Add your brand and create an interesting label that is easily recognizable to represent your business.

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Design Your Own Custom Woven Labels In 10 Simple Steps

If you’re looking to create a custom clothing label, then woven labels are the perfect solution. Woven labels are hard wearing and their vibrant colors withstand wash after wash. You can use the labels to add a special touch that increases brand recognition and displays important information to your garments. A personal touch makes all the difference and can be added easily with the right label.

Why would you use custom woven labels? They are a fantastic way of personalizing a garment or accessories, and they make garments look so much more professional. The small finishing touches really do mean a lot and can add a professional, but personal stamp onto your garments.

With great design options that are simple to use, you can fully customize your label in just a few simple steps.
1. Begin by selecting the type of cut or fold you require. You can select from a woven label that is straight cut with no fold, or select an end/middle/left/right or Manhattan fold with examples shown in diagrams to guide you.
2. The next step towards creating your custom label is to select a suitable size. Remember, you must create it big enough to display the information you require clearly, but the size must also be suitable for the garment that it will be attached to.
3. Add your text and easily select the font size and alignment you require on the finished product.
4. Personalize the writing style by selecting the font that matches your design.
5. Select your background color that represents your brand, or that you have used in your design. Select from 23 different colors or you submit a pantone color code for a more accurate match to your requirements.
6. Select your text color; the same applies as above as you can choose from the standard options or use the pantone codes. Consider how well the font color will stand out against the background color when you make your selection.
7. Add extra detail by adding a symbol. There’s a huge range of categories to choose from.
8. Choose from taffeta, satin, or damask for your custom woven labels. Make your decision considering points such as how vibrant you need the label to be.
9. If you have opted for straight cut labels you can choose between iron on, or adhesive labels. These aren’t suitable for washed items and are more for accessories.
10. Last of all, select your required quantity. You can request a free sample if required to make sure you’re happy with the finished product before you order.

Personalization has never been so easy and adds a professional finishing touch to your garments. High-quality clothing labels in a range of cuts and folds are available with huge range of colors. Fully customize your labels to match your brands font and color scheme. Purchase only a small quantity of woven labels if you require, or buy in bulk. A free sample is available to give you a true image of the finished product, so you can’t go wrong.

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The Top Uses Of Printed Fabric Labels

Labels are used on all types of clothing, such as dresses, t-shirts, cardigans, trousers, and also bags and accessories. They aren’t ‘just a label’ as they serve a purpose on all garments. When thinking of adding labels to your clothing line, you need to make the most of your label by considering what their purpose is for you.
The labels are made using printed satin; this gives them a soft luxury feel that is still durable. Satin is soft to touch so is great for clothing as it’s soft on the skin. Your design will be displayed in a variety of vibrant colors that look fantastic! Alongside looking great, these labels have a variety of uses:
● Use your label to display important care instructions, such as dry clean only, or the washing temperature of the garment.
● For clothing a size label is a necessity, but you can add the size and your brand onto this label for a personal touch to your garment.
● If the sole purpose of the label is to add your brand, then add your website on their as well, or tagline if you have one.
● Depending on the cut of the label you can really make use of the opportunity to add information such as care instructions, your brand, and size. They should all be added, but don’t overcrowd the label too much.

To achieve the best results when creating your label only add necessary information. Fabric labels are a useful way of promoting your brand, displaying important care instructions, and sizing information. Add what you can without adding too much. You don’t want your label to be overloaded with information and may need to opt for a larger printed label.

You can always use separate labels if you have more to add and put them in a different place on the garment. Always consider the color schemes of your font against the background and ensure you choose colors that will stand out. When choosing the size of your label you must consider the garment it’s going to be added to. If you opt for a small label it may only be suitable for sizing information or a small logo only, so you will need additional labels for more information.

Printed fabric labels offer you a huge variety of vibrant colors and fancy fonts. The printed label method gives you fantastic fine detail, so you can add your logo or brand clearly and professionally. Quality is important for the fabric, but your design is important too, so make sure you’re happy with the information on the label and that the label is clutter free and clear to read.
You can easily design your own labels for your craft project or clothing line. It’s simple to do and support is available if you need it. Printed labels are a beautiful addition to your garment and add a personal touch to any fabric craft. Easily design your labels for craft, handmade clothing, or your own clothing line with help at hand.

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The Different Types Of Woven Garment Labels

Woven labels are the most common type of labels used on garments. They are made on a loom using woven thread, so are very durable and don’t fade through washing. All labels can be quickly and easily applied to various clothing, accessories, and other textile items. Custom made woven labels that are professionally made look fantastic and add a personal touch to any textile item.
Woven garment labels are available in a variety of folds, cuts, and colors. This allows you to fully customize them to your brand and style. Add your required font and logo whilst incorporating your own color scheme. You have three options when choosing woven labels and below explains the difference between the three materials;


Damask woven garment labels are a high-end choice that offers a high-quality finish. They are made with a high weave density creating a tight, durable weave. They are cut and sealed to prevent fraying. The slower weave gives you better detail and color separation. The vibrant color options give you an enhanced image for your brand or logo. They are usually used for labels that have small text such as signatures as their main benefit is the attention to detail. Damask is the ideal choice if you want a hard wearing label that gives a very good quality finish that is soft to touch.
Taffeta woven labels are the most economical choice in woven labels. they are polyester based and used for a more cost-effective choice. They do have a scratchy finish, so not suitable for clothing that is in contact with skin. They are very durable and weaving can be double for definition detail. Taffeta is most suitable for outerwear, or accessories that aren’t against the skin.


Satin labels are a polyester based thread that has a luxury feel and finish. The satin label can be produced using a single needle broadloom technique which produces a soft label that has a glossy finish. The soft to touch silky finish gives an upmarket feel. The colors available are more limited and quite basic background choices are available. If you a have a simple design to add, then satin labels will give you a luxury finish that is very durable.

The Process

Garment labels can easily be designed using the step by step online ordering system. Simply select from the label fold / cut options and the required size. Add your text and font followed by the color and type of woven label you have chosen. It’s simple to do and you can receive an instant quote for your chosen quantity. Once you have customized your order, you can easily select a free sample if you would like to see your finished label before you order.

A specialist will analyze the specifications of your order to ensure that the finished result will be made to a high standard. Woven labels are made to a high quality, but with affordability in mind. Receive a free sample and get your custom woven label quote simply.

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Top Uses Of Printed Fabric Labels

Printed labels are versatile and can be used on a variety of garments. Apparel, clothing, lingerie, accessories, and shoes can all find a use for printed labels. They can be used on almost anything and are soft and flexible. It’s a fantastic, cost effective way to display important information.

When used correctly, fabric labels can become a marketing tool. It’s important to add relevant information, but if you don’t incorporate your brand too it’s less likely people will spread the word. The potential of adding your brand to your garments is huge and can be used as a very effective marketing tool.

Care Labels can come as an individual label or reverse label so you can incorporate other information, such as continued instructions or your brand on the other side. Care labels are designed to ensure your customers care for your garment properly e.g. whether it’s safe to use a tumble dryer, washing temperature etc. They also ensure that, with the correct care, your garments are given then longest lease of life showcasing quality. Printed fabric labels would be created in a simple design displaying only necessary information clearly.

Printed fabric labels can also be used as brand Labels. If you choose to go for a mid-fold label you can add your brand on one side and care instructions on the other. They can be cut / folded as you desire. Printed satin is highly recommended for a soft luxury feel and are a fantastic choice on garments such as lingerie or nightwear as they are flexible and soft against the skin.
Size Labels indicate the size of the garment. It might sound simple, but is an essential label for any clothing garment. You can have this just displaying the size or add your brand or care information as well. Don’t overload the label; you do need separate information on separate labels. Although, with garments such as lingerie, you may not have the space to add the essential information on more than one labels.

Printed labels are completely customized for your needs. They are fully customized to include your brand, logo, care information and size information. If you’re creating your own unique apparel you need to personalize it by adding your brand. This should be done from the beginning of your journey if you’re planning on creating your own clothing line. Small time fashion designers should add their mark to their apparel as this mark will be the difference between gaining brand recognition if you desire to expand.

The essential labels such as care instructions and size should always be incorporated no matter what your future plans are, to determine the capabilities of your design.

When creating your labels a professional will use high quality materials for the best results. A smooth finish and feel can be achieved that will advertise your brand and provide benefit to your customers. Customize your labels to your required specification suiting your design, color requirements, size, and cut.

All you need to do is use the design tool to add your specifications and create the label with your own imagination. Give your apparel a professional and bespoke look that is personalized to suit your brand and your garments.

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Custom Sports Garment Labels: Designed By You And Created By A Specialist

Having your custom sports label designed by you and created by a specialist will add a professional, but personal touch to your garments. Custom labels are professionally created and delivered for your convenience.
Woven labels would be the most suitable choice for sports clothing. They can be added to a variety of garments including hoodies, jackets, joggers, and accessories, such as caps. Woven labels are fantastic if you want a high-quality finish and clear design. Choose from an array of colors, fonts, and texts and add your design for personalization.

Types of woven labels to choose from for your custom sorts garment labels:

● High definition woven labels are woven damask and offer the highest thread count for a clean-cut and smooth finish that is of very high-quality. They are a high-density polyester weave that creates a very durable and luxury finish. They are a great way to advertise your brand with a high-quality appearance.
● Damask woven labels are also a high-quality choice that are often used if you have a lot of detail to add. These are the most common choice for garment labels. They are woven slower than other choices with a higher weave count resulting in a durable finish.
● Satin labels are made with a polyester blend. A needle or broadloom set-up is used, which gives the product a fantastic end result. They are less expensive than damask, but cannot display as much detail. They are very soft to touch though and have an upmarket feel.
● Taffeta woven labels are the most cost-effective option and still offer quality if you’re on a budget. They are more suitable for garments that aren’t in direct contact with the skin, or accessories, as they are not as soft as other choices. Again, this is a popular choice as the cost is lower. They don’t have the same high-end appearance as damask labels do, but do function perfectly if you wish to display bold text over fine detail.

The threads used to make woven labels are pre-dyed, so there is no printing involved. The perk of this is you are left with a very durable/ hard-wearing label that does not fade after washing. A laser cutter is used to create a custom shape accurately to match your design.

Thinking of giving it a go?

Designing your own custom garment labels can be easy. Put thought into your logo first and ensure you get that perfect before you begin. If you’re thinking of creating a variety of sportswear garments and accessories, such as caps or bags, incorporate your logo and you can use this design across your range to promote your business.
If you already have a design for your label, then you are ready to move on to receiving your quote. Just add your specifications via the fast quote option. Display your brand professionally and make sure your label looks fantastic, wash after wash, with the help of a specialist. When you’re ready to start designing, you can make use of your free sample option too, so you can see what your labels will look like before you make any decisions.