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Add Value to Your Products With Clothing Hang Tags

Custom hang tags give you a strong opportunity to add value to your products and increase brand recognition. Hang tags are a cardboard type label that you add to your garments usually using a safety pin. You choose the shape of the cut and the design that goes on them.
Clothing hang tags are fully customizable. Choose the thickness you require and from a gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finish. They will have a hole punched ready to add string or a pin to attach to the garment.
Add value to your products by using your hang tag as an advertisement. Add your logo, brand, and color scheme to create an eye-catching finished product that lets the customer know who you are. They offer a simple way of helping your customers to easily recognize your clothing line when they go shopping, so make sure you hang tag stands out.
Your brand standing out is a must when shoppers look through clothes. If they recognize your tag and it stands out as familiar, then they are more likely to purchase it. If you have already made the effort to create a trusted brand, then show it off professionally and catch the eye of shoppers.
Use your clothing hang tags to your advantage; it’s the first thing people look at when they are drawn to your product. What it says about you matters and it can be a great marketing opportunity. It needs to look great and be made using high quality, durable materials. You don’t want the tag to rip before they have even bought the garment, this will look messy and unprofessional.
Be clever in the design of your clothing hang tags. Make sure the color scheme and shape compliment the garment it’s attached to. For example, a hang tag on a dress could be in the shape of a dress; quirky ideas stand out.
Be tactical in the information you add. When adding your website you can also add promotional information on there for an increased chance of a future purchase, and to guide them towards checking out what else you have for sale.
Last but not least, clearly add the sizing and price. Customers can’t stand to fumble around with various clothing items trying to see the cost and size. Display this information in a clear color and font that is easy to find.
When creating your hang tag, think of it is a business card attached to the garment. It must be professional, but eye-catching. Don’t forget the hang tag goes home with your customer, so this is a great way to interact with them. Why not add your social media information, or website on to the tag too – if they love your products they will now know exactly where to find more.
Don’t just think of it as a throwaway addition to the garment. If someone has taken the time to buy your clothing they are more than likely interested in what else you have. Your hang tag should compliment your garment while increasing brand recognition and giving your customers essential information. Take the opportunity to guide your customers to your website and make the most of your tag.