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Woven Labels For Children’s School Uniform

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of children’s school uniform? The cost? There are so many essentials they need it can rack up quite a bill. The stains they incur? During play times and everyday lessons things can always get messy! Whatever it is, we all know that children’s clothing that is worn daily needs to be hard wearing and able to withstand a lot of washing.

The uniform itself need to be hard wearing, and so do the labels that are displaying the school motif to ensure everyone looks smart throughout the school year. A common mistake that many make when manufacturing school uniforms is to try to cut down on cost. If they can do that, then parents get less of a hefty bill for school uniform, but these clothes are worn every day and undergo all sorts of mishaps during the school day and break times. Cutting costs by adding cheaper labels to a school uniform isn’t an option if you don’t want worn out, faded clothing within a short while into the school year.

Woven labels are made using pre-dyed threads that are woven on a loom. They are very hard wearing and, although they are more expensive than printed labels, they remain to look vibrant for a lot longer. Labels come in a huge range of colors, finishes, and qualities. There are three types of woven labels to choose from:

  1. The first and most common choice is damask. They are a high-end choice and look vibrant and professional. If your school logo has finer text or a detailed image, this option will really enhance the finer details. Damask labels also have added durability because they are woven slower than other option to ensure the clarity of detail is up to scratch.
  2. Satin labels offer an upmarket feel as they are silky soft and look fantastic. They are usually slightly lower in price than damask labels and could be the perfect choice for children’s school uniform as they are soft to touch on delicate skin. This option doesn’t give as much attention to detail.
  3. Taffeta woven labels are again popular as they are the lowest cost out of the three. They don’t offer the same appearance as the other two choices, but are very durable and functional. Apart from the advantage of the low cost this type would not be recommended for children’s schoolwear unless they are being used on a garment that is not in direct contact with the skin.

School uniform is important for many reasons. They unify students and make them equal, reduce peer pressure, keep the focus on education and not fashion, and help reduce costs for parents having to buy the latest trends to be worn daily.

Focus should be  on reducing the need for replacement uniforms when they begin to look tired, so parents don’t have to fork out extra expenses. For clothing that is worn and washed so regularly, it is a must to have quality labels to ensure you get value for money.

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How Labels For Clothing Can Add Value To Your Garments And Your Brand

A clothing label is the perfect finishing touch for any garment. They add a professional finish to your craft items or clothing brand. A label adds your unique identity to your clothing and creates a finish that looks professional and helps people to easily differentiate your brand from others.

Whether you are adding labels to your craft items, workwear, or fashion brand: a garment never really looks finished or professional without them. Adding a label makes your brand easy to identify and can stand out if you create an eye-catching design.

Why Are Clothing Labels So important To Your Brand?

Labels create a fully branded finished package. If a person purchases an item of clothing and loves it, they are more likely to purchase again if your brand is easily identifiable. Below is how labels for clothing can add brand value to your garments.

  • Adding labels allows anyone to easily differentiate your clothing line and recognize your brand. Your brand will become memorable and be recognized for future purchases. If there is no label at all, how will they know where to get more of your garments?
  • Labels for clothing allow you to engage with customers. You can add your website or business details to a label to allow them to make further purchases from your clothing line. Allowing people to reach you and engaging with them in such a simple way will add value to your brand and increase brand recognition.
  • Going the extra mile to give your garments a professional finish will add value to the garments and your brand. Your brand will look professional and like ‘you mean business’ rather than just offering garments that have an amateur look.
  • Providing expert advice on how to care for the garments properly looks professional and will help customers ensure they stay looking high-quality for longer. If clothing is not cared for correctly it can quickly begin to look unsightly, resulting in the clothing being throw away and deemed as poor quality even when in reality it may simply be that the proper care required was not given.

Never underestimate the value of using your labels to market your brand and add a professional image to your garments. Showcase your brand using labels for clothing and make it easy for people to make future purchases if necessary.

Which Label Should You Add To Clothing To Get The Best Results?

Adding care labels to your clothing gives the person wearing the garment the information they need to care for it properly and keep it looking good. A centerfold label is perfect to add care instructions and is multi-purpose as you can also add the garment size on the other side, and your logo.

Adding a hang tag gives you an instant opportunity to communicate directly with your customers and give them more information about your brand. Hang tags definitely look the part and allow you to add a great deal of information that is relevant to your business, such as your website, logo, and contact details.

If you are looking for clothing labels you can design your own custom labels online that represent your brand. Whether you make your garments as a hobby or for your own clothing line, adding a label gives a unique finish that is personal to your brand and adds a quality finish.

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Starting A T-Shirt Business With T-Shirt Labels

Whether you’re starting up a t-shirt business, or a  full range of clothing items, there are a few steps you will need to follow. A t-shirt is a casual must-have for anyone to wear. They are comfy, popular, and can be designed uniquely to target different audiences.

Your first step would be to decide who your target audience is. You can focus your design and style around this. Once you choose whether to focus on childrenswear, sportswear, or a specific male/female audience you can focus on your design and manufacturing options. Find a niche in the market focused around your target audience to help you stand out ahead of the other t-shirt retailers out there.

The fabric you choose to create the t-shirts will depend on their use. The fabric used for sportswear will need to allow for the skin to breath, whereas childrenswear would need to be soft on the skin and hard wearing.

Your brand is a very important aspect of the design of your t-shirts. Spend some time creating your brand, logo, and choosing color schemes carefully as it’s best not to alter this once you begin manufacturing. A strong and unique brand is essential in the t-shirt industry to stand out above competitors and be noticed. Creating a strong brand adds value to your clothing line.

Once you have your target audience, brand, and design all wrapped up, it’s time to focus on the small details that are very important. T-shirt labels have a purpose and their importance shouldn’t be overlooked. Below are the types of labels you must add to your T-Shirts to ensure they are retail ready.

  • Care Content Label. These must be added to help the buyer care for their t-shirt correctly and keep it looking great. Add the recommended washing temperature, ironing, and dry cleaning instructions as well as anything else that is relevant.
  • Add the country of origin of your garment, so people know where it was made.
  • A size label, so people can easily find the most suitable for them. This should be easily accessible as customers will get bored if they have to search to find out the size.
  • Hang tag t-shirt labels are a great choice to add to a t-shirt if you want your brand to be visible. Whilst showing off your brand, you can also add size information and business details. These are attached to the outside of the garment and removed before wearing. Create a bold tag that catches peoples eyes and stands out.

You must decide on the cut you require for your t-shirt labels. A centerfold cut would be the most recommended as information can be added to both sides of the label giving you a lot of space and reducing cost. You should have enough room to add care instructions, the garment size, and country of origin to a centerfold label without it looking cluttered.

The Tags can be woven or printed and are fully customizable to suit your requirements. Incorporate your brand, color schemes, and logo to increase brand recognition. People will recognize your garments wherever they see these tags.

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Increase Brand Recognition With Clothing Hang Tags

Hang tags for clothing provide a great marketing opportunity and a chance to increase brand recognition. A hang tag is usually made out of card and attached to the outside of the garment using a pin or piece of string. Most people don’t realize how choosing the right hang tag can help you build your brand and market your clothing.

Clothing hang tags are printed labels designed and personalized by you. They are printed on a variety of card stocks with a choice of matte, semi-gloss, or glossy finish. There is an area for text, logo, and barcode. Hang tags have a variety of purposes and should be used to their full potential.

What’s the first thing you do when you look at an item of clothing in a store? For most people, it would be to grab the hang tag to check for the size or price. A clothing hang tag has great importance on any garment and, although it is removed before the garment is worn, a huge focus should be put into the content of the label. Think of your hang tag as a business card. Your customer takes this home, so you have a great opportunity to stay in touch. Add details such as your logo, brand, website, and business contact details. Add key product details such as the price and garment size so people can find them easily.

Think about the design of your clothing hang tag it as it is of great importance in order to be as effective as possible. When your garment is hung on a clothing rack you need your brand to stand out and become recognizable. You can increase brand exposure considerably by adding clothing hang tags that customers will notice with just a glance when scanning through clothing.  A unique design will catch people’s eye and draw them towards your garments. Create a quirky design that catches the eye and represents the target audience of your clothing line.

Choose a shape that is not the standard rectangle or square. For example, if your clothing line focuses on children’s wear, you could create clothing hang tags in the shape of a teddy bear. This will stand out much more and will tie in with the theme of your brand. Be as bold and unique as you like with your hang tag; this is the key to make people remember your brand.

The tag should be made to a high-standard. You don’t want the tag to rip easily and look untidy on your clothing, or you may sacrifice important information you want to get across if the tag is easily damaged. Ensure your tag adds quality to your clothing and looks tidy and professional.

Keep you hang tag design simple, but informative. Take the opportunity to give your customers all the information they need to make future purchases with ease. Don’t think of your hang tag as throwaway item, think of the tag as a marketing opportunity that should not be missed. Create unique hang tags online and receive a free quote by following just a few simple steps.

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Athletics Labels For Your Club Wear: Do’s And Don’ts

The clothing you choose for any type of sport can influence your performance. The clothing must be designed with your specific sport in mind and that includes the correct design with the most suitable labels.

If you have your own athletics club you may be looking to unite your team using athletics clothing. If you are, it’s so simple to do by adding a fully customized label to athletics garments helping your team feel as one. With the right athletics labels you have the added bonus of advertising  your club at the same time, so make sure they look great.

If you’re thinking of your team as a walking advertisement for your club, then do take time to create a simple, but effective design. Everywhere club members go wearing their clubwear people will see it, and often be intrigued as to what sport they do, which brings the focus to the label with the logo. Add your logo, website, and make sure you are 100% happy with your athletics label before you go ahead with production.

  • Do choose something that is durable for your athletics labels, such as a woven label. The threads are pre-dyed and are woven tightly on a loom, so are very durable. Woven labels are made from polyester making them tough and ready to withstand wash after wash.
  • When preparing the label consider the size of the garment it will be attached to. Any clothing needs to be comfortable, especially athletics wear, so ensure the label isn’t too big for the garment whilst also ensuring it isn’t so small that it has no purpose.
  • If you are unsure whether to offer athletics wear for your team, do remember that it’s important to wear clothing that is suitable for the sport you are in. If you don’t, then you may not perform your best, or may be uncomfortable. With this in mind it’s easy to make the decision that clubwear is beneficial to any athletics team members.
  • Don’t try to cut corners and opt for cheaper athletics labels. The label must be high-quality and be able to withstand the regular washing that athletics clothing requires. A faded label that looks worn won’t add a good image to the reputation of your club.
  • Don’t overthink your design. You will be surprised how effective a simple logo can be. Reflect your clubs brand and color scheme in the design of the logo and keep it simple. On the label, if there is plenty of space, you can also add your website to market your club whenever your team wears their clubwear. Give your team an exclusive style that represents your club.

Once you have designed your label and chosen the relevant type that is fit for its purpose, you can choose to receive a simple quote in just a few clicks. You provide the artwork and receive a free sample of your finished label before you are ready to order. See the finished label before your order to make sure you are 100% happy.