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How To Decide What Type Of Garment Labels To Choose

When choosing labels for your garments you need to choose the most suitable material for the garment you are going to attach it to. A lot of the label options are versatile, but aren’t necessarily suitable for skin contact or regular washes. These pointers will help you to choose the most suitable option for your needs.

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Top Eight Uses And Tips For Fabric Labels In 2018

Whether you have your own clothing line, or you enjoy creating craft garments, there are essential uses for labels on your garments. Labels are a great way to get important information across and reinforce your brand. One of the quickest and easiest ways to brand your clothing is using labels. There are so many uses in adding labels to your garments; many are essential and many will give you the desired professional finish.

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Different Types Of Cut And Fold Options For Clothing Labels Explained

The finished cut and fold of your labels might seem like a small decision, but it can make a significant difference to the finished look of the label. There are many mistakes that can be made when choosing labels, and not choosing the right cut / fold for the job will leave your garment looking untidy. Here are the different types of cut and fold options explained in more detail. Continue reading Different Types Of Cut And Fold Options For Clothing Labels Explained

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Clothing Hang Tags For Your Fashion Brand Or Crafts

Hang tags give you the perfect opportunity to add your unique branding to your fashion garments or crafts. Now that you have created and perfected your clothing, how do you add a unique stamp to stand out from others? Hang tags add an iconic finishing touch that makes your garments stand out on the clothing rack and look professional. Without a hang tag, someone looking at the garment cannot easily identify the brand, cost, or size, so why not make things that little bit easier for people admiring your work?

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Make You Athletes Feel Like A Team With Athletics Labels

Whether the sport your club specializes in requires members to work as a team, or an individual, the importance of the club feeling like a team shouldn’t be underestimated. When they are training in your club they are part of your team and rather than thinking about themselves they should work together to progress as a group.

Club athletics wear unites your team, looks great during practice, and advertises your club. A lot of people find it a rush to get themselves or their children ready for practice after school / work commitments. Giving everyone the option of club wear makes it so much simpler to get ready in a hurry.

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Woven Vs Printed T-shirt Label

The labels you choose for your T-shirts require as much attention to detail as choosing the t-shirt itself. The label tends to draw the eye towards it on a t-shirt and you shouldn’t settle for second best. You want to draw attention to your label for the right reasons, not because they don’t look high-quality. You must pay attention to detail in your design and your choice of label.

If you are incorporating a business logo or have a design you want to incorporate in your fashion items, you need to choose the type of label you require for the most effective results. There are many variations of a t-shirt label with very different benefits to each option. It depends on your priority list when choosing your labels. Here are the different options along with the main advantages and disadvantages each choice.

Woven Labels


  • High-quality thread for a professional finish.
  • They look attractive and bespoke.
  • They do not fade.


  • Less cost effective than printed labels.
  • Although a great amount of detail can be incorporated, the detail would be less than that of a printed label.

A t-shirt label that will be worn regularly would need to be durable and withstand wash after wash without fading. With woven labels you are guaranteed the quality, but do pay a higher price for what you get.

Printed Labels


  • Flexible and thin making them easy to sew into your garment.
  • A lot of detail can be added as the detail is printed in ink.
  • Very cost effective.


  • The do fade through washing, and wear and tear.
  • The quality isn’t as high as woven labels.

Printed labels won’t last as long through regular washes, the color will fade and they will fade and look untidy. For one-off or occasional wear they are fantastic to keep cost down and won’t be required to be as durable.

Both options are perfect for branding or fashion items and your choice should be dependent on what you require from the finished product. Will the t-shirt be worn occasionally, or for a one-off event? Will it be worn regularly and required to withstand a lot of washes, and wear and tear? If you need your t-shirt label to look great wash after wash and not lose vibrancy, then woven labels would definitely be your best choice. They don’t fade and are hard wearing, perfect for regular wear such as uniforms. This could be for work, nurseries or any kind of club where you want the attendees to feel like a team.

Once you have decided what you want your label to display, you must research the options carefully and compare them to requirements of your design and t-shirt usage. A lot of the time, a simple shaped label that has a small amount of detail or text can have the most impact. Don’t over complicate the design, focus more on the quality and ask for guidance if you need recommendations.

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Why Should You Consider Investing in Quality Labels for Clothing

No company wants to send out a product without having their name on it. It’s important to get credit for the items that are produced and sold. So when it comes to clothing, labels are critical for the producer as well as the consumer. Don’t consider cutting out and settling for cheaper labels that aren’t going to last. Instead, there are several reasons for investing in quality clothing labels.

Quality Labels Imply Quality Clothing

Outside of the manufacturer’s name, the label is going to say something to the consumer. If the label is a quality piece, it implies that the garment is also going to be of good quality. This means that that small piece of fabric has a lot to do with how an item is perceived. In addition to thinking about the label material, also consider what type of thread and colors will be used along with how it will be attached to the garment. All of these things add up to create a great impression on the consumer. You don’t want someone to love a piece but then have second thoughts about the purchase because the label doesn’t do the brand or the clothing item justice.

Offers Care Instructions

When consumers love something, they want to take care of it. Certain clothing requires special care. The label is the opportunity to mention exactly how items should be cared for so that they will last for an extended amount of time. Washing by hand, avoiding the dryer and even using cold water are all messages that a manufacturer wants to relay to the customer. Because there isn’t a lot of room on the label, there are several symbols that make it possible to get information across effectively. In addition to care instructions, this is the perfect place for listing out the types of fabrics or materials that make up the clothing item.

Subtle Marketing Potential

Even with the label tucked inside of clothing, it still offers an opportunity for marketing. If someone loves a garment, they are going to check the label and see who made it. They may be on the hunt for other items by the same designer. This is just one of the reasons why you need your label to be something that stands out from the rest and something that will be memorable. At the same time, if a friend loves something that another person is wearing, they are going to ask about it. Clothing labels are going to make it possible for the friend to track down a similar item.

You want to produce more than just pieces that customers are going to love. You also want to make sure that you have return customers and customers who tell others about their favorite pieces. Because of this, take some time and effort and create the perfect label. Invest in something that will last and something that will be eye catching and memorable. This small label could have the potential to increase your customer base.

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Why Do I Need Custom Woven Labels

Custom woven clothing labels are the perfect way to add a unique touch to the pieces in your clothing brand. Whether you are looking for a clean, minimalist look or something more complex, a custom-made woven label can make for a complete and professional-looking piece of clothing.

For the Hobbyist

As a hobby, it can be an incredible feeling when a friend or family member mistakes your handmade piece for something that was made professionally. What can really set a homemade piece apart from others are fine details that really show skill and great attention. Labeling your clothing with a custom-designed woven label can really pull everything together and make your piece look complete and as if it belongs in the window of a boutique. If clothing and fashion is a great passion of yours, you might have wondered what your logo might look like. No matter how intricate your logo might be, you can see your own design on a real piece of your own creation. Even if you aren’t concerned about your pieces looking professionally made, a custom woven label can be a nice way to signify your creations as your own hard work, and being able to design your own label is yet another avenue for your creative expression. They can even be heartfelt reminders to the recipients of your gifts.

For the Entrepreneur

For anyone who is getting into the clothing industry, standing out is vital. There must be something about your brand that distinguishes you from the competition. This distinction can come in the form of uniquely designed cuts of clothing, creative designs and graphics, or even distinctly well-manufactured, built-to-last clothing. How you might set your brand apart from others is up to you, but every brand must let its customers know who to come back to when they discover a piece that they love and want more of.

As insignificant as it might look, the label of your clothing means everything in this business. If you are not an established brand, a label that is all yours can help your customers keep you in mind and your give your pieces further consideration when seen among dozens of other labels, wherever they may be displayed. Even if you are running a small brand out of your garage or a small studio, you don’t have to be limited by your personal equipment. You can have professionally made woven labels of your exact specifications, in great numbers, without having to expand your operations. A custom woven label is an excellent opportunity for you to put one brand-encompassing piece of expression on your pieces.

Whatever your skill level and goals are, making clothing is all about expression and helping others express themselves. Creating clothing is also an incredible feat of creativity and it is something to be proud of, so don’t forget to show your pride by giving your clothing your own personal label.

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Which Color is Ideal for your Clothing Brand

Every company has a unique color that represents the brand identity. Research says, about 85% of customers refer to the color as the primary reason to buy a particular product. Are you thinking of launching a clothing line but can’t decide the ideal color for your brand? We’ve got you covered with the unique attributes of many colors and what effect it can have on the psyche of your target customers. Read on.   


When you ask anybody what their favorite color is, most of them will answer ‘Blue’. This is probably the most common favorite color and is, therefore, preferred by many big brands to connect easily with a larger spectrum of audience. Blue is likened with ‘coolness’ and ‘serenity’ and is acknowledged to boost a sense of security and trust. As this is a very commonly used brand color, you can play with the different shades of blue or mix it with colors like green, white, black, etc. Some of the compelling shades of blue are Azure, denim, duke, Egyptian, Persian, Zaffre, Yale, sapphire, royal, etc.


The color of passion, power, and love is another common favorite used since ages by a lot of big clothing brands like H & M, Levi’s, Helly Hansen, Uniqlo, etc. It has a striking quality of attracting the customers instantly. The color will look great if combined with white, black, yellow, and green. You can also try out a different shade of red like Rose, cherry, scarlet, crimson, candy, blush, etc.

Black & White     

From Victoria’s Secret to Calvin Klein, from Bvlgari to Gucci, all of the biggies vouch for this compelling combination. Given to its popularity, it is needless to say that black and white is often associated with subtlety, class, and luxury. From your website to your logo, Black and White can be an ideal choice if your clothing brand is meant for the selected few.


This earthy color can be a good option to connect with the mass and not the class. The hue emanates a relaxing effect and can be combined with many colors like yellow, blue, red, etc. This can also be used for products that are labeled as ‘Eco-friendly’ to accentuate the motive of the brand.    


This color represents youth, optimism, and warmth and can be a beautiful contrast to other colors like red, blue, black, white, etc. Often used for kid’s brands, this color can also play well with the psyche of the teenage audience.  


Although not many brands prefer this color, orange may help your brand stand out of the crowd if you’re looking to try something different. It can also create an impact if teamed with other colors like green or blue.


The color and its many shades like fuscia, rose, punch, magenta, strawberry, etc. can be an ideal choice for a feminine clothing line.


Although this color is often associated with spirituality, it can also be an excellent choice for clothing brands, especially for ladies innerwear, kids wear, or clothes meant for the youth.  

Choose your ideal color and logo, and create your own custom clothing labels here.

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When It Comes to Clothing Labels, Custom Options Get Noticed

Clothing labels certainly aren’t the most noticeable parts of garments by themselves. But, if you’re thinking about clothing labels, custom options are smart choices because they can offer surprising benefits to both your company and customers.

Feature the Flag of the Brand’s Company of Origin

Maybe your clothing gets designed in Ireland and you want to highlight that fact with a tiny green, white and orange flag. Or perhaps your apparel has always been made in the United States and you want to include the vibrant stars and stripes along with a phrase like “Proudly made in the United States of America.” Some people are committed to purchasing items produced or at least designed in certain countries. You can appeal to those people by being as transparent as possible about how your products came to be.

Include a Ribbon Associated With a Certain Cause

Maybe you have decided that ten percent of all your profits from clothing sold will go to support breast cancer research or people who are in the military and fighting for their countries. Those causes and many others all have support ribbons associated with them, and certain colors indicate different things. You could include such a ribbon on the back or front of a custom clothing label to clearly show that you care about something important and your company is doing something specific to join in the fight for the greater good. You may even find that particular demographic groups are especially likely to purchase from you as opposed to buying from other clothing brands, especially if some causes are close to their hearts for personal reasons.

Incorporate a Slogan

If your brand has worked hard to come up with and promote a slogan, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s also a part of the clothing labels custom. Perhaps the slogan connects with your company’s ideals or a factor that sets it apart from competing brands. Whatever the case may be, a slogan can help your label really stand out, especially if you even go a step further and get the text printed in a cool font, color scheme or both.

Print Your Company’s Website or Contact Information on the Label

The Internet is often the first point of contact a person might have with your brand, provided they type your website into a browser bar or a search engine. However, even when doing that, there is a chance they might type something wrong. If your clothing label has the website as part of its design, that decreases the likelihood of them getting off on the wrong track and going to a different site unintentionally. A phone number is also a good piece of information to include on the label, particularly if your company has a dedicated team of customer service workers.

These are several of the factors that might convince you it’s worthwhile to order custom labels. In the end, the decision may really pay off.